Get Bent!

Bent Minnows 004

Match the hatch right?  Well what better way than imitating an injured bait fish and what better type than a surface lure.  The OSP Bent Minnow to me, is the perfect lure to use around bait schools.  It has a great action, is a top water lure and looks the part.daiwa_doa_rainbow_trout

Before the OSP Bent Minnow, came a lure called the Daiwa Dead or Alive.  This thing is way too big for what we mostly do at but I can see how taking the good things from the Dead or Alive and reducing the size, we get the bream slayer, The OSP Bent Minnow (well it wasn’t that simple!).

Bent Minnows 002

I’ve used the OSP Bent Minnows for around about 12 months now and after summer, was able to extend the top water bite throughout most of the winter months.  We were also offered some for our trip to PNG to wrestle with the Black Bass (for obvious reasons, they were not used).

So at 76mm, there were rumblings that they might still be a touch big for our bream.  Anglers were still successful but there was certainly talk of the need for a smaller version.  So what happened, someone took the OSP Bent Minnow and refined it a little bit more.  Enter the Austackle Banana Boat Surface Dancer.Bent Minnows 001

Austackle took on board the demands of the Australian angler, took 10mm off the Bent Minnow and created a bait that has different characteristics to the Bent Minnow.  My initial impressions were that the finish wasn’t quite as good as the OSP Bent Minnow, it was slightly lighter and also thought that the shape would mean it wouldn’t cast that well.

The thing I like about both the Bent Minnow and the Banana Boat are their varying hang time in the water.  When you cast it out and work it back, the thing you’ll notice about any surface lure is the “lookers” but converting those “lookers” into “takers” can be the challenge and separates the top guys from guys like me.

The hang time with the Banana Boat is noticed when drawing the lure under the water (another huge advantage of this type of lure).  The Banana Boat rises slower than the Bent Minnow and sits in front of the fish for longer.Bent Minnows 003

Silver Bullet?  No way, I own and use both for the reason above.  Sometimes I want a bait that I can work quickly across the surface that will pop back up if it is drawn below the surface.  On other occasions I want something that I can work slowly and get a bit more “face time” with the fish.

I guess that’s why my tackle selection looks the way it does, I have crank baits tuned within an inch of their lives from Megabass that cost me a kidney but also Atomic Cranks that I get decent change when I hand over a lobster (the colloquial term for an Australian $20 note for the uninformed).  Each lure has it’s place in my tackle box and each time someone releases something new, I’m filled with equal amounts of dread and excitement as I tip toe down the slippery slope of trying to buy just one lure for the purpose of testing.

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