Current, Continued, Now Available

Chris wrote his “Defunct, Discontinued, No Longer Available” article a few weeks ago and it really left me with a hole to fill in my arsenal. I fish a lot of hardbaits but I have a very definite roster of plastics I do use when the time comes. I’ve had it down to three for a while now and those three got there for certain reasons distilled through many trips on the water. The number one reason for my choice of Bream plastics however, was one simple thing. How they came out of their packaging. There are plastics out there that have an excellent track record and proven fish catching ability but I was finding that roughly a third or even as much as half of them were coming out of the pack twisted or folded over and did not swim as I wanted them to.

Little Spider

Little Spider

So what are/were the three? I had a single tail, a double tail and a bio bait prawn. Single tail is the Z-man Grubz 2.5 inch in Bloodworm or Motor Oil, the double tail WAS the Keitech Little Spider in 2 or 3 inch in Sahara Olive or Watermelon and the bio bait is the Ecogear Bream Prawns in a variety of colours. Those three covered nearly every situation I used a plastic in and all of them come out of the packet in good working order nearly 100% of the time.

Unfortunately, like many excellent Bream plastics the Little Spiders have been discontinued. Probably due to not selling very well overseas and here in Aus being a very limited market. I really love double tail plastics for deeper water and for vertical presentations. Using a relatively heavy head they worked well thrown at moored boats or pylons as the tails would swim as it sank to the bottom. Again with heavier jigheads I liked the Little Spiders for deeper reefy and rocky areas keeping them just above the bottom with the two tails flapping excitingly as the boat moved in the current. 5568

So the discontinuation left a big hole. Luckily, I caught up with Anthony Thorpe at the AFTA trade show a few weeks and he showed me what I’m pretty sure is the answer to my problems, the Bait Breath SL-Remix. The funny thing is I knew the plastic immediately as I have a heap of them that someone had given me a few years ago that I have been using for Cod and Yellowbelly here and for Largemouth Bass while I was in the USA. I even caught a few cheeky Snapper on them one day when I ran out of the plastics I was using and put it on because it was about the size I wanted. 5552

The SL-Remix is simply a smaller version without the frilly bits on the side and in colours more suited to out current thinking for Bream. I happened to be passing through southern Sydney yesterday and dropped in to see Adams new store and they were so new he hadn’t even put price tags on them. I could see they ticked all the boxes as far as being nicely laid out in the packet in that oh so Japanese way and know from using the larger version that they have the action I want. Colours…. tick….. and cha-ching. 5558

The good thing is they also look like they will be a great Bass plastic. Stay tuned for exactly how they go. 5576

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