Rise Fly Fishing Festival 2013

Apologies to our regular Lucky 7 readers, but we’re interrupting our usual interview slot this week to let you know about the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival that is Touring Australia  right now.

Josh, Vicki and I attended last nights viewing in Sydney, and despite the typically poor traffic conditions on Sydney’s roads associated with the bad weather, the festival was well worth the effort.

In its eighth year, the festival showcased 3 independent short films followed by Leviathan, the third instalment in a trilogy by Gin-Clear Media. We’ve said on numerous occasions that Fly Fishing media has been one of the major influences on our blog since it’s inception almost 3 years ago, and the quality of these films is no exception.

For me though, the picks would definitely be “Jungle Fish“, which documents a two week expedition into Guyana targeting the mammoth freshwater Arapaima, and a segment in “Leviathan” showcasing the “close quarters combat” with double digit trout in the tiny streams in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island in New Zealand.

Jungle Fish by Costa Sunglasses

Leviathan by Gin-Clear Media

In fact, I enjoyed the trout footage enough that Josh and I are talking seriously of doing a trip to NZ to give this close quarters, sight fishing a go.

If you’re interested in checking out the festival, It’s touring the country now as it heads south from Sydney over the next few evenings.  The schedule cans be found on the Festival Website, but our South Coast readers can catch it in Bowral tonight.

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