The Monday Morning Gallery – Jewfish Madness

Vicki and Scott have been out for some serious Jewfish fun lately with Scott knocking off a Jewie just over a metre on a Black Label Drunknmunky which is a rod much more suited to Bream.

7 responses to “The Monday Morning Gallery – Jewfish Madness

  1. Great fish !! … What’s that sp? Looks evil! And what line leader do you run through the micro guides? Slim beauty knot?
    Cheers Well done

    • Hi Steve
      The soft plastic is 100mm Squidgy Fish in White Lightening. We were running 10lb Daiwa Tournament Hyper PE and 12lb Daiwa TD-R Competition Fluorocarbon.

  2. Great fish, I wonder if the 1 eyed jew will ever be caught again.

    I have question about the jighead, what weight and hook size are they? and is that the general weight/size jig that should be used with 100mm size lures? Thanks.

  3. Shroom – the fish was healthy enough and the eye area seemed very well recovered.
    It was a gamakatzu 1/4 ounce jig head with a 3/0 hook size. It depends on what you are targeting, current flow and depth will all have a factor but in most river systems that rig will work pretty well.

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