UV Lures – Revisited

Is this a retraction?  Of sorts but I’d like to consider it a learning experience for me and one that I hope sheds some more light (do you like that pun?) on the tip of the UV “iceberg”.

A few weeks back I wrote about the UV properties associated with lures and may have come across as it being a reason for success.  As I mentioned to the others at lureandfly.com, it was such a huge topic to squeeze into 400 odd words.  I went back and re-read the article and thought I should set a few things straight.  First up, as I stated in the first place, it isn’t the silver bullet.  Secondly, all of those findings were definitely anecdotal and finally, I’ll say that a lot of what you find here is also anecdotal.UV Lures 005

Silver Bullet

UV paint isn’t going to turn a difficult session into a dynamite session.  Some of the stuff I read previously indicated that fish see in a very different range and way to the way humans do.  What does that mean for us?  I guess it means that UV COULD have some influence on the fishing.  After some further research, me saying that a Brown Suji Shrimp Chubby is a good UV colour, is like me saying that the Brown Suji Shrimp is a colour.  It is very vague and only broadly classifies the colour.  Humans can’t see UV light, we therefore can’t determine what range of UV light it is.  To put it in perspective, the UV range is as large as the visible range of colours (a huge range).

What would you know, Chris?

My experience and understanding of UV light is limited but the age old adage of “match the hatch” is something that we can all generally agree on.  In my experience and considering the popularity of the Brown Suji Shrimp, I thought it was safe to say that the UV properties were a huge factor in their success.  From this I did 2 things, I compared the Jackall Brown Suji Shrimp colour versus the Atomic Muddy Prawn colour and noticed an immediate and obvious difference that rightly debunked my new found faith in the extra UV value the Brown Suji Shrimp colour gave me.  They were so different under the UV light that if my theory were correct, the Muddy Prawn would be a complete dud in the water (Let me clarify, it is not a dud).

I also ran my Black light down my fish tank to see how my resident Barramundi and Silver Perch would go.  I fully expected to see these glowing balls of muscle swimming around but I was wrong, they just kept doing their thing.  My next step was to leave the black light on for 15 minutes to determine if there was any noticeable change in behaviour… there was none.

The disclaimer

As I’ve already said, I have debunked my faith in the UV properties based on my very limited findings (remember, this is a sample size of 1… hardly reason for me to start knocking the UV theory of others).  I’m sure I’ll have some more to say about this, as I said at the top, this is really an “iceberg” of a subject and I’m trying the “titanic” approach of feeling out how big it actually is.

One response to “UV Lures – Revisited

  1. Gutsy call Chris and a damn good effort at deciphering a fairly recent and arguable theory. Like the theorisers themselves you got to put yourself out there for any hope of coming up with facts. Who knows you may have just found a calling myth busting fishy facts.

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