The Cicadas are here!

There is no doubt about it, Cicada season is here.  Over the weekend I was up at Bilpin and the Cicadas were that loud it was almost deafening.

Fishing top water lures for Bream and Bass during the spring and summer months can be some of the most visual and exciting forms of fishing. To the fish, I like to think their reaction is similar to a backyard full of 5 year old kids at a party when a piñata finally succumbs to the beating from a cricket bat.  All that ‘lolly’ goodness falling from the sky, enticing endless pushing and grabbing to see who can get hold of the prize.  That’s exactly how it can be fishing top water cicada lures in summer when you can hear the cicadas singing in the trees.  As soon as that lure hits the water and starts shaking its body, fish will be shouldering each other out of the way to take that lure.

In the past, we’ve had a couple of different cicada lures to choose from: Megabass, River to Sea, Jackall and Tiemco to name a few.  Just recently a new lure entered the market.  Fish Arrow have released their Cover Cicada – A 45mm soft shelled, completely weed less presentation that comes in a handful of colours. When I first saw these lures, they certainly looked like they might do some damage.

Fish Arrow Cover Cicada 001

With a warm start to spring already under way and the frequency of bass fishing trips increasing, it was almost inevitable that I would buy some of these cicadas and put them to the test.  What really drew me to these lures though was the weed less presentation.  I don’t know how many times I’ve fished top water and have been limited in the lures I can throw because of floating weed, lily pads or just general scum on the surface of the water and the fact that the trebled lures seem to foul constantly on all of the above.

Since my purchase, I’ve used these lures from the bank, casting into some pretty tight, gnarly creek structure, as well as from the kayak casting up through lily pads, weed, fallen trees and branches.  The ability to shake them through, over and around the floating objects to get your lure closer to that shaded structure and strike zone is definitely an advantage and so far this lure has captured a number of fish.  In some of the places I have now fished this cicada, I wouldn’t even consider throwing a standard top water presentation with trebled hooks.

One thing I have found with this lure is that it can be difficult to sit and shake  on the spot as I would if fishing for bream.  At the moment I’m putting it down to the 15 lb leader I have been using which is no doubt restricting the movement that may otherwise be achievable on a lighter, less rigid leader.  At the end of the day, I’ve been able to compromise on this action because of the structure I’ve been fishing and the aggressiveness of the fish.

Fish Arrow Cover Cicada 002

When it comes to bream, I’m yet to throw it.  It will be interesting to see how successful they are.  As they are rigged with a relatively large hook, buried into the shell, I expect that the hookup rate on bream will be substantially less than on the bass which have seemed to engulf the whole lure down their throat, in saying that time will tell.

I picked up my lures from and coming in at less than $20 each, I think they are reasonably priced considering the Tiemco’s are priced around the low to mid $20 mark and the Jackalls and Megabass can cost between $28 and $36 each, depending on where you shop.  As spring and summer roll through, I’ll definitely throwing these lures more and I’m looking forward to giving them a run at some stage on the Hawkesbury River and Cowan Creek.  These systems are notorious for big blue-nose bream taking top water lures, hopefully these Fish Arrow’s will be no exception.

Below is a short video of the Cover Cicada in action while off chasing Bass in Aaron Horne’s local creeks.

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