Random Image – Coxs River Opening Weekend Trout

Josh and I got to the Coxs River today with Justin and Jeff.  Everytime I go there I’m reminded what a beautiful place it is.  The water level was down compared to the same time last year, and although we didn’t get any Trophy fish, there were enough to keep us interested.  I even got my first take on a dry fly – what a buzz.

We’ll be back up there for sure, and a bit of rain will help our cause.



5 responses to “Random Image – Coxs River Opening Weekend Trout

  1. Hi,
    Nice fish! Which section of the Coxs was this? I hiked into the section below Little River in August and didn’t see a thing.

    • Just the first turn off the highway as you come down the pass and then stop at the first bridge. The secret is walking father than everyone else does 😉

      • Thanks Josh. I’ve only been up there once – before season close last year – and didn’t see a single fish. Waked about a kilometre up from the bridge.

        Good to hear there’s fish in it after the spawning season.

        As I said I hiked into the lower coxs in August, via Breakfast Ck, and didn’t see any fish. Looked like those floods had flushed the river.

        I’m staying at a place on the lower coxs next week so I hope some fish are back in the river.

        Cheers, Grant

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