A mission of remembrance

Unfortunately I had hoped this this mission was already going to be achieved by the time you read this but unfortunately the Trout weren’t playing the game much over this past weekends opening of Trout season. I don’t expect many people to read this entry on Lureandfly.com but my true hope is for this to be a digital memorial for someone who had an influence on my fishing. 5752

One of my goals this weekend just gone was to catch a trout on one of my uncle Dick’s flies that he tied himself and hopefully to have a picture up of it here and now. Dick Masterson passed away on the 28th of September after a long battle with prostate cancer and hearing of this reminded me that he gave me a box full of his hand tied flies a few years ago. I thought it might be nice to try all I could to catch at least one more Trout on a fly of his own making and then retire them somewhere as a keepsake.8134756_20131003

What I knew of Dick was that he was a pretty keen “fluff chucker” for Trout where he lived in New Mexico, so much so that his obituary read “an expert craftsman, he also taught pottery at Santa Fe Clay. His other interests were numerous, including Arabian horses, goats, gardening and poultry. Several years were spent brewing award-winning beer and in his fifties, fly-fishing became a favorite pastime. For many days, he enjoyed tossing flies of his own making, to wild trout on the upper Pecos River.”

I kind of envy Dick’s life in that he was passionate and knew what he wanted to do and made it his living doing what he loved. It says he was an expert craftsman because of his love of pottery which is how he and my aunt Holly made their living in the studio/home he built himself in the desert around Santa Fe.1150244_369238399870846_394581663_n

As I said above, I don’t expect this will be one of the most read things I will ever write on here but I think the most important thing after someones passing is that they are remembered and this is how I am going to do that and the next step will simply be the picture of the Trout with a fly in it’s mouth.Coxs River Trout Open Weekend 2013_020

11 responses to “A mission of remembrance

  1. Mate that is a brilliant article. I took up Fly Fishing a little over 2 years ago and have been overwhelmed by the courteousness and generosity of fellow Fly Fishers to assist myself in learning this fine craft. Hope you get that trout soon.

    • Very true Michael, I’m fairly new to the Trout side of fly fishing and nearly all the anglers are very helpful.

  2. Josh, it is a nice thing to do, I lost my fly fishing mate last year and remember him every time i pick up the fly rod, the trout will come and it will be special.

  3. Good luck with the pursuit Josh. I’m sure you’ll have a pic of a fish with the fly soon. I had a similar thing once when I went fishing for Yellowbelly. My kids and I had all caught fish and then I used an old Rapala lure that belonged to my late father which managed to snag a couple of good fish. It was good to get my dad ‘involved’ in the action as well.

    • Peter, thats about the speed of it. I’d like Dick to be “involved” in one more Trout and remembered that way.

  4. Well Dick, at least you got to fulfill your life by following your passions mate. Look forward to reading later that you did catch that trout for your uncle. Nice article Josh

  5. Great article Josh! Fishing is so much more than just catching fish, the relationships that are built and the experiances shared with many fine people are what endure and make this such a special pastime. Best of luck!

  6. Josh, there is nothing that compares to a story from the heart that says more than the words themselves and in just a few lines you have done just that. I am about to return to the fluff chucking arena myself and with the introduction of the new Daiwa range it’s here we go and I reckon those fuzzy little fellas old uncle Dick put together would be the perfect recipe for hopper hungry browns in the midland creeks and rivers in Tassie. And what a place to try them. Do yourself a favour and make the trip mid to late summer and hopefully old uncle Dick’s flys will cop their just deserves. Regards. P.S. Careful where you tread!!

  7. I really enjoyed this article Josh, and could relate really well with it.
    I lost a good mate and fellow fly fisho recently to cancer, he was a bit of an engineering type guy and had produced his own version of what he thought was required in a fly vice.

    I’m lucky enough to own one of his vices (in fact it’s my “main” gun) and always remember fondly when he presented it to me out of the blue at a club fly tying evening. I like to think some of his mojo goes into every fly that comes out of my vice.

    His partner recently scattered his ashes on the Murray where he loved to fish and camp I was unable to attend but I will be thinking of him come early December when we would usually gather for a relaxed Sunday of banter and fly fishing beside the Yarra at Launching Place.

    Tight lines,

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