The Monday Morning Gallery – We made it to 3!

3 years ago we had an idea to start a fishing blog. What a crazy idea! Little did we know about how much work goes into a project like this, and never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we’d be where we are today.

Our goals haven’t really changed all that much.  We still aim to share our fishing experiences and knowledge through our stories and media, and if we inspire a couple of people to embark on their own fishing journey along the way, then that’s a small victory for recreational fishing in Australia.

Many thanks to all of our readers and followers both here and on Facebook.  We really appreciate your feedback and support!

Lastly, we’d like to reiterate that we are privileged to be associated with Daiwa Australia.  They support all of our crazy ideas, and give us the unique opportunity to test all of the latest light tackle offerings from one the Australian Fishing industry’s leading tackle manufacturers.

2 responses to “The Monday Morning Gallery – We made it to 3!

  1. Congrats on reaching your 3 year milestone! I have enjoyed many articles and photo galleries over the past 18 months. The time and efforts devoted to sharing your own fishing journeys as well as those of others has been of personal benefit to me as I’m sure it has to others.

  2. Well done on reaching your 3rd year! Didn’t seem too long ago that you celebrated your 2nd year- time flies! Keep up the great work. Can see how much work you guys (and gal) put onto the site. Great photography, great writing and loads of enthusiasm for this obsession we all share.

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