Journey of Dreams – Grayson Fong

Some say fishing is a hobby, a past time or simply something that gets you out of doing household chores. But for me it has a much broader spectrum… yes, it is the above but I often see it as a journey. A journey that runs parallel to my life but is an outlet for my emotions, passions and dreams. I regularly visit this journey, sometimes on a weekly basis, regularly with my mates and often just by myself. I find it to be the outlet for my existence, when I need a pep up or just when I need to gather my thoughts, it’s awesome just being near the water. Some days are fishless, other days are plentiful but everyday seems to be a pinnacle in relaxation.172452_10150144782819739_7607400_o

As a lot of anglers out there, we often are fortunate to have a piscatorial upbringing via our fathers, uncles or grandfathers which instills a deep love for the sport that often is indescribable to the less understanding. This love follows us wherever we go. Whether it’s at work, where we take spare time to research potential tackle purchases on the Internet or being at a family BBQ, where in your mind ‘the wind is from the SW blowing 8kts, wish I was fishing’…. It’s a deep love that follows us perpetually.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Harnessing this craving into our lives can be a tough ask, with the endless other priorities constantly knocking on your ‘time’ door, frustration easily sets in often leading to vagueness and disagreements with those close to us. But don’t fret fellow anglers, the good news is there is a light at the end of this tunnel. A light that isn’t bright shining but more like the red ‘standby light’ on our TVs. There it sits in the background, day in day out, and you know it’s constantly there and you definitely know there is ample options when you turn it on but getting your hand on the remote control is the key.

In the next few weeks I get the priceless opportunity to get my hands on this remote control and get to compete in the 3rd Hobie Fishing World Championships on the lush waterways of the Bemm River and Marlo in Victoria. Known for it’s bruising big bream and vast expanses, this is a perfect chance for me to channel my passions and fish an arena regarded highly on many bream angler’s bucket list.hobie-redcliffe-012

But the fishing is not the only gratuity I get to experience on this journey, it’s also the opportunity to meet, have a laugh and share stories with anglers from around all the world who have too, carved their way through their own journey of dreams earning them the chance to fly their country’s colours in the sport they love. These same anglers are exactly like you and I, whose burning love for fishing has bought them across the world, remote controls in hand ready to surf some channels. For each of us the journey has been different, whether qualifying through an event or spilling your blood for the sport, it really doesn’t matter how you got there as long as you enjoyed your expedition.

This is the essence of our sport, following your dreams, enjoying the journeys and expressing your passion. As fisherman we love this stuff, it’s the exact fuel that pushes us to achieve, to catch a bigger fish, to win the next tournament or just purely to restore self-preservation. If you could bottle this stuff you would drink it everyday, share it with no one or even smear it on your lure every fifth cast. It’s about bringing your visions to fruition whether it results in a good fishing day or not, it’s just another journey of our dreams.

I know when I hit the water in a couple of weeks in Victoria, I will be embarking on another (but certainly not the last) expedition of my ideas and aspirations. With the green and gold on my back, it’s not only about the personal voyage I have taken to get myself there but it’s simple about one thing….Living the dream.216238_10150217078964739_6095540_n

6 responses to “Journey of Dreams – Grayson Fong

  1. Grayson,

    Such a great article my friend. It was like you read my thoughts. Fishing is a passion and an escape for me as well. Like I said in my lucky 7. Not sure I would have been able to survive my 20 plus year career in law enforcement if not for fishing and the way it keeps me centered. Look forward to one day sharing the front deck of a boat one day my friend, be it yours in Australia or mine here in the US
    Best of luck at the world’s mate. I will be following you from all the way across the pond.

  2. Thank you Brian for your kind words. Please let us know if you ever make it to Oz as there is heaps of deck space available for you, just name the day! I one day hope to fish your waters as I have once before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again Brian for taking the time to read and share.

  3. Cracker read mate, and I wish you all the luck in the world, but I think you already have that in spades. Thanks for sharing your dream out loud and putting into words so well, what all feel. I wish I was there to share it with you, but that is my dream for next year, 😉

  4. Great read Grayson, summs up perfectly how we all feel. I too am looking forward to my two grand finals in Mallacoota and Glenelg. My whole year is based around the tournament calendar (both the ABT and VicBream Classics) events. No matter how many times I fished those places, I am eager to come back to catch a bigger fish or do better in a tournament. Best of luck at the Hobie GF mate.

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