One rod to rule them all?

interlineChoose your own adventure time you kayaking kids.  What would your ideal kayak fishing rod be? 

My thoughts, I love my short rods, they provide me with better casting accuracy, more control of the rod tip and for my type of fishing, it just makes more sense.  Sure I sacrifice the rod length to be able to remain seated and get around the bow of my kayak but I’m not exactly an old man and am still pretty nimble on my feet (I reckon I am anyway).  I lose some of the casting distance of say a long rod but I love fishing around structure, so accuracy is more important than casting distance.

Do you like big butts or little butts?  Me, I’m a little butt type of guy, having a long handle tends to get in the way and considering the species I fish for, I don’t need to lock it in under my arm for the added leverage, besides, if I came about against something that is going to put that much hurt on me, the whole kayak thing might be a disadvantage.  Controlling a rampaging fish is something that is very much a mixture of art and skill, I lack both in a kayak!

Another thing that has made me say a few naughty words while on the water is the guide or tip wraps that WILL occur.  They are annoying at the best of times but add in a small craft where the tip is at least 5 feet away (another advantage of the short rod) from you and getting to the end of the rod is harder than usual, you can appreciate my love of my interline rods.  The whole concept is a thing of the past.

Do my rods need to float?  Not in my opinion, my kayak has horizontal rod storage, meaning that I have as much chance of dropping them over the side as I do in a boat.  In saying that, I still try to be careful and try to put them away properly whenever I change rods (I get lazy sometimes).SSBS - St Georges Basin Kayak 025

We all know one size does not fit all when it comes to fishing rods, the importance of the action of the fishing rod can’t be understated.  The rod action is super important, not just for kayak fishing but fishing in general.  I’ve heard of kayak rods being designed with particular actions to suit the seated position but I have to say that I’d rather match the rod action to the bite, the fish, the type of lure I’m fishing or my ability and adjust my body position once I’ve hooked up.  I don’t find it any harder to hook, fight or net a fish from a kayak, if I select the rod action to suit my fishing style.  Changing the rod action would not be my first response to improve hook up rate or decrease losing fish at the side of the kayak, I’d rather see me improving my mobility and ability than changing the action of a rod.

So, what’s my favourite kayak fishing rod?  I have two, a 6ft ultra light, regular actioned rod and my 6’6ft Interline.  With that in mind, my ideal rod would be a 6ft interline with a short butt and regular action… I wonder if Santa is listening?

4 responses to “One rod to rule them all?

  1. I’m currently in the process of building a 6’6″ 8wt fly rod for the yak. This will replace either the TFO 7’6″ 7wt or 7’11” Sage Bass I’m using at present. I’ve been using the 22ft short head TT Wulff lines for a while and I believe they will work well on the shorter rod. Better storage and little or no overhangs on a 10ft yak.

  2. Love my Millerods. have a few now that i got Ian to custom to my needs and wants. 6’6″ up to my new 7’3″ dedicated FC rod i got a few weeks back… Short butts and ultra light.. love em….

  3. Don’t have a Kayak. but my favourite rod is a Daiwa Steez 2-6lb. just a great all round combo. I’ve caught whiting, bream, flathead and just last week landed a 120cm sting ray on 8lb while fishing for flathead. it can be a rod that has the finesse to catch black bream and the strength to land sting rays.

  4. Daiwa did make a 6′ interline rod with a short butt. It’s the very unusual (and probably rare) Heartland Ryuron Wakazashi HL684TMMLFB-MIL08, which could be used as a 6′ or a 6’8″ length. Also makes a great travel rod. The one drawback (apart from the price) is that it’s more of a medium light than an ultralight (it’s rated down to about 5g, which I think is a bit conservative). Oh — and it’s a casting rod — if that makes a difference to you.

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