Hobie Cat® Australasia and Daiwa Strike Two Year Deal


Hobie Cat® Managing Director, Steve Fields is pleased to announce a two year sponsorship deal between Hobie and fishing industry leader Daiwa, strengthening our relationship across a range of Hobie Fishing events.

Our long association with Daiwa, unique history and shared commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in a long list of product features, design and materials becoming standard in both fishing and kayak fishing.

Together Daiwa and Hobie Cat have continued this emphasis on quality and innovation across a range of Australian and International fishing events. This new deal sets us up to take these events and more to the next level across the Australian and World Kayak Fishing Calendar through to 2015.

“The 2013 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak Bream Series and Hobie Fishing Worlds events have been an enormous success and really raised the bar in terms of Kayak fishing tournaments. We look forward to continuing that success with Hobie over the next two years.”

~ Bradley Sissins Marketing Manager. Daiwa Australia Pty Ltd

You want the best kayak, you go Hobie, You want the best fishing gear, you go Daiwa. It just makes sense!

Bring on 2014!

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