Milestones – One small step at a time!

The Fishing DVD - Crankbaiting Bream 001

Just over three years ago, from a basic concept of sharing fishing knowledge through an online blog, was born.  During this time, one small step at a time we have evolved into something far greater than any of us anticipated.  Our association with Daiwa Australia was the first milestone of this journey.  Daiwa fit well with our direction, we share common goals of passing on information and encouraging and developing the next generation.  With this came the opportunity to test and use some of the latest and greatest equipment on offer while doors opened to expand our reach through local publications such Fishing Monthly, Fishing World, Modern Fishing and Tournament Angler Guide to name a few.  As a group our photographic and video skills developed significantly, individually Greg’s flourished, so much so that numerous images of his became magazine cover shots that could be added to the portfolio.  Our work slowly became more recognized and opportunities to produce media for industry events became available.

During 2012 a decision was made to invite Vicki Lear to become a partner in  Vicki was already writing for us on a monthly basis as a guest contributor and we believed she could bring a whole lot more depth to what we already had – and she has.  Vicki’s networks with all things fishing as well as her desire to promote ‘women in fishing’ diversified our audience from the predominantly Bream tournament scene that we had already drawn, by delivering content on Marlin from tinnies, snapper, barra, bass, cod and more.

This week we achieved another significant milestone at  With much talk and suggestion in the past, all of which seemed more like hopes and dreams beyond what we ever anticipated, was given the opportunity to work with The Fishing DVD, participating in two separate video opportunities that will be included in future editions.  The invitation to work with a well-recognised group that has long been sourcing, producing and delivering valuable fishing knowledge to a national audience was humbling.  To think that we will be reaching and passing on information to the fishing community well beyond our audience is mind blowing and we understand opportunities like this probably don’t come around that often.  Sometimes being able to deliver results for our own site content is hard enough but when dollars are being invested in a travelling camera and sound crew who need to be paid regardless of whether valuable content is captured, could well blow any future opportunities.  There was definitely a sense of pressure and we are happy to report we think we may delivered according to the briefs.

The Fishing DVD - Crankbaiting Bream 004

Keep an eye out for Vicki and Greg who will feature in The Fishing DVD soon.  Vicki took part in a segment on ‘Fishing with Kids’, while Greg teamed up with ex-Australian Cricket team captain Mark ‘Tubby’ Taylor, guiding him through a session, crankbaiting Sydney Harbour Bream.  Take a look below at some of the images I managed to capture while driving the camera boat for the day.

The Fishing DVD - Crankbaiting Bream 006

We’d like extend a thank you to Brad Sissens from Daiwa, Mark Taylor as well as John and Peter Haenke for the opportunity they have given us to work with them during their busy schedules.  Hopefully we have delivered to their expectations and that The Fishing DVD audience see value in what we have delivered.

2 responses to “Milestones – One small step at a time!

  1. Well done guys & gal. Looked like a great sunny day to be on the water and filming. Look forward to seeing Greg share his ideas on crankbaiting for bream on the screen.

  2. I have subscribed to lure and fly from the very early days and to this day look forward to reading all posts. Congratulations on your milestones to date. Look forward to seeing Greg and Vicki on the episode. Keep up the good work.

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