You can call me “no-fish Chris”

No fish Chris 027

What do I know about Black Bream?  Clearly nothing after spending plenty of days on the water chasing them and coming up empty handed.  What is still ringing in my ears is Steve Morgan’s explanation as to why his Hydrowave wasn’t working, his response “It won’t work if there are no fish in the area”, I took that as an issue with the angler and not the equipment.

This really highlighted a fundamental issue with the way I approached the 2013 tournament season, sometimes you’ll be around the fish but not catch them and at other times you’ll be nowhere near the fish and have nothing to catch.  I was the latter for most of the year and the penultimate and then arguably the most important tournament of the year.

Thinking rationally afterwards, I must have worked pretty bloody hard to be in the polar opposite area to where the fish were for 3 of the 4 days on the water.  The kayaks can be kind of excused, as adjusting locations can mean an hour or more of pedalling and going to where the leaders are on day 2 of a tournament is a massive no-no for me as well.  It is not like I didn’t fish hard for every possible minute I could or that I had neglected to change trebles, jigheads or re-tie knots, I just seemed to be no-where near the fish.

I was left wondering whether there was more to it than just not being around fish, the only day I was around fish, Josh towelled my 5-0.  I can’t and won’t use the excuse that I fished the dirty water or less productive bank because we swapped and changed throughout the day.  It left me continuing to wonder whether I was “skunked” or whether I was lacking confidence.

No fish Chris 026

I think about 2013 and all the other fishing adventures I’ve had where I’ve come back empty handed, I’m actually developing a reputation as the reason why we haven’t caught fish.  The others at seem to always plan the group trips away when I’m busy. Coincidence or prior planning?

“Skunked” or not, thankfully I have a summer full of warmer water and more active fish to get my “mojo” back.  I’ll spend the time enjoying my fishing rather than cursing my lack of fish and hopefully start 2014 with new energy.

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