Keep It Simple

DSC_8173I recently took three kids shore based fishing at Sydney Harbour.  A couple of things to keep in mind is safety, sun protection and keep it simple – the “SSS”.  It is also important to remember that kids still need to have fun.

Many parents make the mistake are to take the kids fishing and make them sit there for hours on end catching nothing – boring!  You have to keep them entertained, let them try things for themselves, don’t take over everything and learn to call it quits if it is not happening so the kids don’t start to dislike fishing.


Primarily we were chasing yellowtail.  Bait fishing is a great start with kids, as most fish no matter what size will take bait.  Remember it is not the size that counts but if you can catch fish regularly to keep the kids entertained and excited about fishing then they are more likely to want to go again.  Lures can also be a great tool when you have an impatient child that wants to continually wind the bait in or when they get a little more proficient in casting on their own.  As most kids are not patient once they have proficiency of casting then they can wind out and throw in as many times as they like.


They say these days lack of Vitamin D from kids being inside playing computer games exists more regularly.  It was fantastic to see the kids enjoy the great outdoors without any forms of social media and iPads etc; Yes they did actually communicate with each other without any form of IT – I know, amazing.


I was graced with some friend’s kids, which were made up of 2 boys and 1 girl. Without any encouragement it was funny to see how the dynamics worked.  The boys were competing against themselves and rushing into things and the girl was sitting back learning from it all and wanting not to catch the most but the biggest fish.

We set each of the kids up with Daiwa Aird Combo’s in the 7ft 2 piece light rod coupled with a matching reel Aird 2000.  This is a perfect rod for a light lure or bait fishing for species such as bream, whiting, trout etc; We spooled up the reels with fluorocarbon and set them up each with a small mustard hook in varying sizes, small split shot and some pilchard for bait.  With burley in the water the first fish from memory came from 2nd cast and Jack was on to a small trevally.  A great fighting fish on light gear for anyone let alone a small child.  The competition between the kids just got started.


With the yellowtail being scarce we changed tactics.  There were a lot of small baitfish just under the jetty, so I tied on a bait jig for them and it wasn’t long before Noah was switched on to the visual of this type of fishing and watched the bait fish swimming up and down with each jig.  Noah had managed 6 or so frogmouth pilchards.

After a change of burley the trevally started coming thick and fast.  What a tough fish to teach the kids fighting tactics.  These  fish wanted to get nasty under the jetty. There were bust offs around pylons and genuine screaming as these fish peeled line off the reels and fought all the way back in, not giving up.


The rods and reels stood up to the test for these beginners and with only a couple of tangles throughout the day the kids certainly put them through their paces.  I know a few mum and dads that also liked the action of these rods and might be wrestling the kids for them on future fishing trips.

A great start into the market for a combo under $200 they are well worth a look.  They come in many different models and sizes ranging from 5.6ft to 11ft and are ready to handle anything from bream, bass, snapper, barra etc.  They are also designed for different styles of fishing such as lure, bait and beach fishing to name a few.


All rods feature HMG graphite blanks, Fuji AO Guides, Daiwa Seabass Hunter reel seats, custom EVA split grips and custom alloy componentry.  The guesswork is taken out for you on your selection of reel with each rod coming with a reel to compliment the style of fishing you are after.

Check it out at Daiwa – Aird Rods & Reels, a great Christmas present.


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