Access All Areas

Before I start, this article is not intended to spark political debate, rather to point out my own personal observations.

Access All Areas (1)

For a New South Welshman, it’s difficult for me to say, that Queensland is pretty damn good…when it comes to being able to get out and do some land-based fishing.

I’m currently on my annual pilgrimage to the Gold Coast and Brisbane to attend a work conference. Over the last few years I have always been lucky enough to fit in some land based and kayak sessions, easily catching bread and butter species including Bream, Trevally, Mullet and Flathead while also unsuccessfully targeting Jewfish, Tarpon, Mangrove Jacks and Brisbane River Threadfin.

The thing that has astounded me isn’t so much the large variety of fish that the Gold Coast and Brisbane have to offer but rather how accessible the water is to anybody, whether launching a kayak or on foot with the family.

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Back home in Sydney, land based options with the family don’t seem nearly as friendly. If it isn’t the need to travel or wrestling the popular spots with other anglers, it is the ‘no fishing’ imposed and restricted by the vast amount of private developments.  Here on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, this doesn’t appear to be as much of an issue. I can easily walk around Jupiters Casino at Broadbeach of a morning or afternoon spinning for Bream and burleying Mullet with my 3 year old. With a short drive, I can hit different canal systems or land-locked lagoons all over the Gold Coast, launching a kayak or fish land-based.  Here, people seem more laid back and are happy for you to catch their ‘pet’ fish and when you head further north to Brisbane, I haven’t experienced anything different there either.  The ability to walk through the middle of Brisbane city fishing from the numerous boardwalks and easily accessible water frontages in the day or night without being scurried off by security or angry residents is most welcoming.

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Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’ve been extremely lucky in accessing these waterways over the last 4 years without issue or confrontation but for me it seems the waterways are much more accessible making it easy to get out fishing on your own, with family or friends.

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