KVD : No, not Kevin Van Dam but Kangaroo Valley Days

I’m a fairly time rich person and I’m quite prepared to drive long distances to go away each weekend to fish but about the last month or so I have been a bit sick and really not up for long trips, multiple days and long walks or paddles. The fishing bug still bites though and as always, a solution presents itself. With a bit of encouragement from Nick Reay I’ve been back and forth to Kangaroo Valley five or six times in the last few weeks chasing Bass and Carp both in Tallowa Dam and the rivers and creeks that are scattered through the valley. Couple this with a few prawning sessions in the Basin and I realise that even though I might not be at 100% I’ve still spent plenty of tim on the water. 5882

I have said it many times before but I am constantly surprised by the fact that nearly any trickle of freshwater just about anywhere has angling opportunities. I had seen a few KV “swamp trout” pics floating around Instagram and in a few of the small creeks the fly fishing has been as close to proper Trout fishing as you might get. Clear water running over river stones in knee deep water. Spotting fish holding just out of the current behind a rock. Casting a small nymph up ahead of them and watching them peel off from behind the rock and suck the fly down. The only difference is the fish is closer to 4kg and takes a hell of a long time to subdue on a 4wt rod. Plenty of fun to be had in just an hour or two and only half an hour from home. 5956

Then there has been the Bass in the dam. Tallowa is an amazing spot that most people have never heard of because it is kayak and canoe only and doesn’t even allow electric motors. Even thought the fish ladder has been broken since winter there has been decent amounts of fish and a few good ones caught. The best I have seen by Nicks son Declan on his second ever Bass trip.1410865_10152013813812929_1429290442_o

It’s been a silver lining not having the energy to go far or go hard for a little while. It has shown me plenty of options close to home and a great way to fill in just a few hours with nothing more than a backpack and a rod.



Thanks to Nick Reay for the photo of Declans big Bass.

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