It’s their calling, so they’re calling

I saw a post on Facebook about the cicadas, I’m not sure if it was a typo but it was pretty fitting regardless.  All it read was “Their Calling” and had a photo of a Megabass Grand Siglet and nothing else (in saying that it said what we’re all thinking, right?).  What did I take away from this?  The lure was designed, crafted and bought for the purpose of being eaten by a fish.Tom's Double Hookup

It’s cicada season, I know that because I was sitting down to dinner and could hear the constant drum of their call and was more interested in getting a lure in the water than eating dinner.

Every year since I started fishing religiously, at about this time, I get all excited.  Not necessarily because of the cicadas but definitely the cicadas are a huge factor in surface fishing.  One of those great memories for me involved Greg’s oldest boy, Tom, getting a double hook up on some bass (albeit small bass but he didn’t care and nor do I!).  To this day, he still recounts the story and also how his favourite lure is a buggi pop.

22lb PNG Black Bass

Topwater PNG Black Bass

What’s not to love about surface fishing, it’s active, it’s visual and it is full of anticipation, devastation and hopefully elation as you watch a surface lure get chased down, hit and then disappear below the surface in a boil of water.  It’s not the most successful way of “catching” but would rate up there in any angler’s book as one of the most satisfying ways of “fishing”.  On more than one occasion, while fishing, I’ve caught myself watching someone else’s lure rather than my own.  Seeing the back of the fish rise up behind a lure causing the whole world to stop (exaggeration?  Possibly).

Catching them on surface for me comes a pretty close second to fishing the surface.  Even if I don’t land a fish, hook up or even get a boil, it is a completely different to any other method of fishing, where failure for a number of reasons generally outweighs success, yet is still a hotly anticipated type of bite regardless of target species.

My plan this weekend is to sneak away and get a cicada session in, see if the lures I have will live up to their calling in life by getting smacked by something that swims in water.  Wish me luck!

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