Nothing Beats Time On The Water

IMG_0767Over my 20 odd years of fishing I have fished many different offshore locations, river systems, creeks, impoundments and rock ledges for varying species from marlin to bass and everything else in between.

I use to keep a diary of wind direction, moon phase, tide changes, what and when we caught fish so I could reference what the best conditions were to target a particular species.  Back in the early days apart from reading fishing magazines and being involved in fishing clubs to talk and learn from others, time on the water and recording it was how you learnt.

LBG Marlin Hookup

I remember when going game fishing we would dial a number from the fax machine and it would fax you back a sea surface chart so you could try and pin point where to target.  I hope I am taking you back now.

We use to purchase topographic maps from the local hiking shop for a particular area when exploring creek access points for new fishing spots.  You can still do this.


How the world has changed with the internet being readily accessible for a majority of people.  On the internet you have weather forecasts, sea surface temperatures and regular fishing reports plastered all over fishing forums and in particular facebook.  You have how to videos on everything from knots to working plastics and hard bodies.  Google Earth & Bingle Maps, eliminates the need to buy topographic maps.  It has taken a lot of the hard work out of the adventure but will hopefully give you more chance of succeeding.

Lake Monduran Barra - exactly 1m

I have had a lot of fishing friends in the past that we use to label “text book fisherman”.  This was someone that had read about it and knew how and when to do it but once you got him or her out on the water they just couldn’t seem to put it into practice.


It is a bit like the folk of today.  Instead of doing their research and leg work to go and tackle new spots or methods they want to be spoon-fed the locations, how to, when to, what to.

My advice to you is to get off the computer and get outdoors and start experiencing it yourself.  Go and explore, it will be trial and error but it won’t take you long to work it out.  Nothing beats time on the water to learn.


Instead of worrying where that person was when they caught that fish and all the other factors, get on the water and work it out for yourself.   I myself have been steered by people to go and fish particular locations that they have had huge success at but it still did not help me catch any fish because unless you can put together all the other factors it just doesn’t work.  The only way you can do this is get time on the water.


So get outside, spend time on the water and learn for yourself.  It has taken me 20 years to know what I know now and I still have a lot to learn.  Go exploring and learn from your experiences.  If you do this you should be able to catch fish just about anywhere.

Tight lines, hope to hear about some of your new adventures over the Christmas Break.

EP Marlo

Fishing Photos057


One response to “Nothing Beats Time On The Water

  1. I’ve been getting outside and learning since I caught my first Barra on a home made lure in January 1949. I’ve been through the same process of clubs, administration, keeping notes, writing articles, etc. There is still a lot to learn. Keep up the good work.

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