Four things I plan to do these holidays…

The last couple of months for me have been crazy.  Head down, bum up with work. Night shifts, weekend shifts, and it will be like that until the 20th December when we knock off for three weeks. I’m looking forward to some sleep, and I’m stinging for a fish.

I’m sure there are many of you out there in a similar boat, and the holiday’s will be a great time to recharge the batteries, and catch up on some of that “lost” fishing time.

So, what are your plans for the summer break, any items to tick off the bucket list?

For me, I’ve got 4 fishy things I want to do over the next 3 weeks. We are staying local for our holidays for the first time in about seven years, so they all revolve around spending time on my local waterways.

Dry fly Trout: I’ve had one shot at this back on opening weekend.  If you want to read the story you can do so here.  Short version, I stalked the fish, presented the fly (eventually), enticed the strike, hooked the fish and dropped it.  Elation to deflation in a matter of seconds.  I’d planned to go back up a week or so later, but we cancelled due to the severe bush fires that engulfed much of the blue mountains through October.  Well I plan to go back and get that trout on a dry…


Kingfish: I’ve caught kingies before, as by catch chasing bream, and on live baits, but my goal for the summer is to get them on Fly.  Chris Stannage has given me the fly fishing bug, and much the same as the Dry Fly experience, I’ve had quite a few near misses, that had the blood boiling, only to be let down at the last moment.

Prawning: Vicki has been prawning a bit this year,  and the last few years, it has been a part of the Seeto holiday ritual.  It started down in Mallacoota several years ago with Chris and Emma, and every year since, the kids beg, nag and plead to do it.  They love the experience, and it really is a fantastic family activity.  Granted, Nicky usually has to sit in the car for the last half of the trip when one of the younger kids gives up, shivering from the cold, but nevertheless, the whole experience of hunting, catching, cooking and eating is extremely satisfying.


In my late teens I spent a lot of hours over Christmas prawning at the Entrance, I’m thinking this may be the go, unless someone has other suggestions close by to Sydney.

Bream on Fly: Needless to say there will be a bit of “hassling” the local Sydney Harbour bream  population as well.


Both Ben and Tom are itching to get out and hit those Sydney Harbour boats with their crankbaits, wearing their new jerseys, so I think that they’ll probably be able to twist my arm into it as well.

Bream on fly

I’m thinking this will be a great time to target the bream on fly. The fish should be active and feeding, and ripping a fly down the length of the hulls and dropping it down the keels, similar to the way I fish my stick minnows in summer, should be a deadly technique.  Then there is the surface option.  We all know how deadly surface lures are on the bream around the pontoons, and there is no reason that surface flies shouldn’t be just as effective.

Well this is my last official post for 2013.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the site this year. I’ll be back in January 2014 with recharged batteries raring to go again… If you are heading out over Christmas let us know how you go.

One final note, remember, be safe out there with the extra boat traffic on the water, and if you are fishing with kids, make doubly sure you take a safety first approach.  See you in 2014!

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