It’s almost time…

It's almost time 3

This year it was with mixed emotions that I farewelled my Stratos bass boat.  Gone are the days of 80mph journeys between fishing spots and fuel bills to match.  The boat served me extremely well and its departure, despite leaving me high and dry for 3 months has made way for my new Edgewater 170CC which, as time goes by, I think is going to be an awesome replacement.  It will let me comfortably fish tournaments as well as allow me to continue my journey conquering other species.  With the higher sides I have less worry about the kids rolling off the front deck and the extra room will allow me to take family and friends out with greater ease.  It’s a fitting end to the year, so far the family love it and it’s almost been a Christmas present in itself for the kids.

It's almost time

For the last week and a bit, the new Edgewater that has been sitting patiently in my garage awaiting its power plant installation.  From the moment we arrived at the factory in Penrith to pick the boat up, the kids jumped aboard and thought that this new playground was the best thing going.  When we returned home and backed it into the garage things didn’t change, nor have they all week.  Every day after work and almost every visit to the garage has ended up with the kids hanging out playing in the boat together; whether just sitting on the seats, chasing each other around the console, driving remote control cars through the garage from high up in the boat or pretending to be pirates.  It hasn’t exactly been the easiest thing for me as I have been trying to fit out my electronics and leaving tools around with two young children isn’t an option because it is likely I’ll end up with a few extra holes in the boat if they get hold of the drill when I’m not looking.

It's almost time 2

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer now until we can make the maiden voyage.  All that is left now is to purchase a few bits and bobs plus a new PFD to suit a 3 year old, adjust the trailer and install the remainder of electronics.  From my perspective: so far, so good.  Lauren seems to like it and the fact we can take friends out in this boat, have picnics and just enjoy the water in general (I think she has already started planning some outings with friends).  What is most satisfying at the moment is that it has put a smile on the faces of both Lauren and I, watching the kids enjoy the boat even though it hasn’t even touched the water yet.  I can only hope that they will enjoy it as much, if not more, once we actually put it in the water and put it to good use over the holiday break.

In saying this, you know what I will hopefully be doing over this Christmas and New Year holiday.  Thanks for the support throughout 2013, ‘til next year – safe travels.

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