Having time off over Christmas gave me a chance to reflect on the year I have had in fishing and set new goals and achievements for the year ahead.

My most memorable achievements from the past year all started with a trip at Christmas to South West Rocks achieving a marlin out of the tinny on light tackle.

Vicki Marlin img_08371

I then went on a solo road trip to Mallacoota achieving Big Bream in the ABT Bream Tournament.  From there I stopped to fish the Bega River and Brogo Dam with good friend Paul Hare.  We didn’t catch much but we did save a Kangaroo from Brogo Dam.

Vicki Mallacoota ABT Big Bream DSC_0345

It was then a quick stop over into Jo and Steve Starlings for a bream battle off, guys versus the girls.  This was a heap of fun; unfortunately we had to hand it over to the boys.  Next time Jo!

Then there were some afternoon/night sessions walking local creeks with good mate Ben Murphy catching bass on surface.

Ben's Bass 1

How could I forget the trout season this year?   It was unbelievable.  I managed to achieve my personal best brown trout from Eucumbene River; it gave me a big fight too.  I got to share this with Tani Konsul whom also lost her trout virginity.

Vicki Trout DSC_5550Tani Trout DSC_5502

It was from then Tani Konsul and I dabbled in the fly world and attended the Trout Summit to get casting lessons from Peter Morse, Matt Tripet & Co.  This was a fantastic experience.  We also got to cast a few conventional lines into Lake Crackenback and we both caught and released some nice sized rainbow trout.  This put the girls ahead of the boys in a little “in house” fishing competition.

Tani Lake Crackenback Trout DSC_5795

Vicki Lake Crackenback Trout DSC_5739

From here it wasn’t long before I landed my first brown and rainbow trout on fly from a dam at Moonbah Huts, beautiful little spot.  One I would like to re-visit.

Vicki Rainbow Trout DSC_5846 Vicki Brown Trout DSC_5858

It was then time for my birthday weekend for the close of cod season.  I was able to share this with some good friends and a top weekend was had by all.


got some time to go and chase some mud marlin and successfully got my first one on fly.  That was an adrenalin rush.

Vicki Carp DSC_7046

Before I left for Darwin I managed to get in a fly fishing lesson with April Vokey, that was a great day meeting her and another keen lady angler Amber Gygi.

April Vokey, Amber Gygi, Vicki DSC_7400

Off to Darwin I then went to cover the Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge.  It was great meeting up with friends again that I had met in the last 2 years competing in the tournament.  I got a ride out with 2 marshals and the funniest fellows I have ever met Colin and Miro, it was like spending the day with the odd couple.  From there I stayed a few extra days and got to fish with my fishing buddy Elaine Sanderson and her husband Shane.  We landed some small barra from Darwin Harbour and then Elaine and I went on a charter and hooked some sharks, GT’s and Queenies.  I was also fortunate enough to get back on to Corroboree Billabong and land a few saratoga.

Vicki Saratoga DSC_7898

Coming back home it was snapper time.  Had a fantastic fishing session with Ivan Maric whilst my poor husband lay sick at the front of the boat.  We had rods on both sides buckling over with fish.  I was fortunate enough to land my personal best snapper this year.

Vicki Snapper 72 cm DSC_6817

The salmon then started coming through in plague proportions but every time a weekend would come around the wind, swell and what ever you could throw at me would be really bad.  Finally I got a small window of opportunity and landed my first salmon on fly, another achievement I am quite proud of, as it was not easy.

Vicki Salmon  8021

I then started to wind down as we were buying the boat and I had a few things to catch up on.

This is not all the fishing I have done but certainly some of my most memorable catches for the year of 2013.

I would like to achieve a couple of things for 2014: –

  • Achieve a marlin from the new boat
  • I really would love to catch a big kingfish – at least above 80cm
  • Try some new murray cod locations
  • Get more practice on my fly fishing and hopefully add another species to the list
  • Do a little more kayak fishing
  • Fish more if that is possible
  • Tangle with some drummer off the rocks

That’s about all for now but I am sure I will add to it as the year moves on.  What’s your New Years Resolution?

5 responses to “Reflections

  1. Mine would be to do 10% of what you’ve done! Ha Ha!. That’s an awesome amount of fishing done Vicki. Mine though are more modest – to get a legal king and get my FIL onto some yellowbelly this year (he had two donut sessions last year)

    • Goodluck with your quest Peter, I am sure if you put the time and effort into those 2 species alone you will be successful.

  2. I loved reading about all your fishing adventures for 2013. You are an inspiration…Born to Fish 🙂

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