The first of many!

The Maiden Voyage

What better way to farewell 2013 than with my family on board the new Edgewater for her maiden voyage? Rather than muscle for water on Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve, we opted for a less stressful approach and headed down to the Georges River for a quick run up the river, lunch, a spot of fishing and then back off the water in time for the kid’s afternoon sleep.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about how it would all pan out, would this boat be less kid and family friendly than I anticipated? Would the ride be as good as I anticipated? But mostly, how would I go about the launch and retrieve while keeping the kids safely supervised.  It turns out that there really isn’t anything to worry about as long as I have someone there to monitor the kids.  If I took them out on my own it would definitely be a different story.

After launching the boat and loading the family in, it became apparent that the comfort and safety requirements for the family were met.  We could all move about the boat relatively freely and the higher sides meant that I was more at ease with the kids moving around the boat without rolling off the front or back deck.

The Maiden Voyage (2)

While we didn’t manage to test out the Edgewater’s wide open throttle capabilities, my 3 year old thought that cruising at 20mph was the best thing ever, actually he tells me that this is the fastest boat ever, even faster than my old Stratos.  After owning a bass boat for a number of years now, there are a few things that I need to get used to.  One of them is the non-cable steer electric motors.  I’ve never been the greatest fan of the riptide and I-pilot model electric motors, I’ve always been more fond of the cable steer versions, but on our little outing, I did find a great use for the I-pilot electric motor on my boat, more so the spot lock function.   The ability to press a button and not have to worry about the boats position while we sat and ate lunch meant that I could just enjoy being out on the boat with the family.

The Maiden Voyage (5)

It would be difficult for me to go for a run out on the water and not cast a line, so we managed to throw a few lures out over the little flat that we pulled up on for lunch.  I can proudly report that the first fish of the boat was Luca’s.  He landed a little Squire and was pretty impressed with himself, while I managed to lose the first fish of the boat, a decent sized flathead won its freedom early.  I was showing the kids the fish swimming boat side and about as quickly as I realised that this flathead had engulfed the entire lure, it shook it’s head, winning it’s freedom from my 3lb line.

The Maiden Voyage (4)

After this good hour and a half of excitement, the wind, in true summer afternoon form had picked up, so we decided to head back down river to the ramp.  This run was a good demo for the family pushing back into the wind and the chop.  The ride was very pleasant, we all stayed dry and we were off the water with the kids in the car having their afternoon sleep in no time at all.

With only two and a half hours on the water, it was probably one of the most anticipated outings I’ve made for a while.  My concerns that the kids wouldn’t like it and the dramas that may have unfolded were averted in this instance.  Probably one of the most pleasant outings I’ve had in a while and to top it off, cleaning this boat, unlike my previous bass boats, was a breeze.  A quick sponge bath where needed, hit it with the pressure washer and she was away in no time.  No carpet to worry about not drying properly in the garage.

The general family consensus so far – like!

The Maiden Voyage (1)

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