Did someone say sashimi?

I almost never eat fish but put sashimi in front of me and I’ll make a fool of myself as I end up elbows deep in fish flesh.  The latest expedition that Josh and I had out on the harbour had me frothing at the mouth.  We decided to break me back into fishing after a few weeks off with an early but short trip onto the harbour.  The plan, as Josh put it “we’ll just go see if there are any kings and then do the bream thing until it gets too hot”, with my response fairly indicative of my enthusiasm ,“how early?”Did someone say sashimi 002

I had low expectations, my goals were to:

  1. Run the boat
  2. Check over my fishing gear
  3. See if I could still cast

With an early start came extra opportunity.  Summer on any waterway is near suicide, with less than experienced boat owners trying out there toys and being on the water at 4:30am meant that we would miss much of the bedlam at the boat ramp but little did we know, it also opened up the opportunity to target some active fish for longer.

Did someone say sashimi 001

The “swimming sashimi” (or as normal people call them, Kingfish) were out in force but were only rats, they were active and were happy to bite our presentation of fly and squidgy wrigglers and while my catching expectations were low, Josh nailed 2 before I even had a lure in the water.  That gave me added determination not to be “net boy” for the day.Did someone say sashimi 009

Did someone say sashimi 007

* Editors note: Chris didn’t really eat this fish alive… It was released, to catch again, and eat when it grows up a bit more.

Landing fish on the new Battler rods put both the rods and my nerve to the test as I was scared of accidently “high sticking” the rod or smashing the rod against the hull as the fish dove under the boat and subsequently breaking them.  Neither happened, all anglers and equipment came back whole, which in itself is an endorsement of the equipment due to the angler deficiency.

The size of fish got progressively smaller and smaller and while the first couple were around 64cm, we were hoping for a larger specimen, Josh wanted something to pull a little harder, I wanted a legal one to eat.  It didn’t eventuate, and all the fish were released to grow a bit bigger, but it did prove that I could in fact still cast and even land a larger than normal fish on my bream gear and has me hungry again, not just for “swimming sashimi” but also to start fishing more regularly again.

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