Black Magic

As I write this I’m still not sure whether it’s a blog about what I have personally done or am thinking lately or one of those “call to arms” pieces trying to give the reader the same kind of stoke I have to go out and do it like I have. I guess we will find out as I go.

If we break down the two words in the title, “Black” is for Black Bream and “Magic” is the kind of places I have been finding them lately. 6342

I have written about it before but in the last 12 months I have been really interested in catching Blacks. Maybe because I am not as familiar with them as I am with Yellowfin, maybe because I have yet to work out if they are a lot smarter or a lot stupider than Yellowfin, but most certainly because I seem to catch them in very “special” places. Whereas big Yellowfin are more likely to be found near the front of a system of water big Blacks can be caught from the front of a system all the way to the very back in tiny water that is almost if not completely fresh and has more in common with Bass water than anything else. Big Blacks also tend to get into really shallow water compared to their yellow brethren. 6644

Lately, I have also been finding that there are a lot of mini systems that are excellent fisheries. Many of them are “secret” spots according to a lot of people but I think that they just aren’t publicised because A. they wouldn’t take much pressure, and B. they don’t lend themselves well to being easily accessible. In layman’s terms they are small in size and you can’t put a boat in them leaving it to kayaks or on foot (or maybe a stand up paddle board, but thats another story) 6553

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Google or Bing maps and a sense of adventure is all you need and I would say there is about a 50/50 shot that any small body of water from about Wollongong, south, will be a diamond or a dog turd. You just don’t know. But if you go to one that is a dog turd it usually doesn’t take long to get to the next one. In fact a quick glance and I can count at least 20 small systems that you have never heard of that would be worth a look. Keep in mind too that just because one doesn’t have Bream doesn’t mean its good for nothing. I know of one place that has no Bream but is choc full of Prawns. For all I know the next one I try may have huge crocodile Flathead in it. 6585

I’m not a big one for secrets but I do think it would be a bit unfair for me to name some of the diamonds as these are small water ways and not everyone has the best of intentions on the internet. A few light tackle sportfisherman, a few weekends a year are not going to make a dent but a handful of anglers going in and taking their legal bag limit of Blacks over a kilo a couple of weekends a year could. To give you an idea, I had a 10 year old with no fishing experience catching legal Blacks hand over fist in the middle of the day. It can be that good. That same trip the afternoon session was mind-blowing. As soon as the sun started to dip, schools of 40 and 50 fish were swimming around the knee deep flats. For a while I even stopped fishing and just watched them in awe. Then I went back to seeing if I could get them to give up chasing a Bent Minnow once they had started after it. 6638

Seek and ye shall find people   6363

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