“I’d never live in Sydney”

“I’d never live in Sydney”, I’ve heard it before and will hear it again and I hate the traffic but I can’t see myself leaving the hustle and bustle in the short term.  In this vast land of fishing opportunity lay meccas of many fishy description, most in far flung areas that require guides or travel and can be absolute gold mines.urban-fishing-01

Then you have Sydney, grubby, grimy Sydney that has homeless people, the aforementioned traffic, less than desirable public transport systems and more rude people than should be endured in one lifetime but I love Sydney.  Not because of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House or Luna Park but because of what those landmarks sit adjacent to.

Sydney Harbour is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and to the surprise of many passers by as I spend my weekends on the water, there are plenty of fish in that harbour.  For me it is an often overlooked waterway and sure it can be challenging to navigate but it has such a wide variety of fishing available within the confines of the harbour.Justin Sydney Harbour Kingfish

You might think you need cross over boats or specialist equipment to experience some of the larger species that Sydney Harbour has to offer but you don’t.  I spend my time on the water fishing out of my 19ft bass boat that is better suited to flat calm water, than it is to lumpy waterways but on its day, the harbour can dish up rat kings, soapy jews, squid, bream, flathead and whiting in numbers that are completely unexpected of a metro waterway.  All of this is accessible in smaller craft than mine, including kayaks.

I am certainly biased but I love the variety of Sydney, the quantity of fish is pretty impressive and the quality is totally unexpected when you consider the traffic that the harbour receives.5 tips for crankbaiting boats 01

Catching all of this using bream gear might sound like a bit far stretched but that’s what we’ve all done at some stage or another and although the fish that we have targeted are smaller, I did it without needing to break out the heavy gear.

So “never tell a book by its cover” because you might think Sydney is too touristy or a concrete jungle when in fact it holds plenty of fishing opportunity right from the upper reaches (where accessible) through to the clear, clean water near the heads of the harbour.

How does your “local” stack up?

One response to ““I’d never live in Sydney”

  1. I love living and fishing in Sydney! 10 minutes gets me to Botany Bay, Sydney Harbour/Parra River, the Georges, and 40 minutes gets me to the Hawkesbury, Cowan, and Pittwater! All amazing systems in their own right, and I do it all out of my Bass Boat! I’m sure our interstate brethren will lay claim to living in “better” fishing cities, but Sydney is trully a great location for multi-species fishing!

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