How things change!

It’s kind of funny how things cycle in life.  For me, many things have changed in the last year or so, some things not ideal which I won’t even mention but the good things like my eating habits, my boat, a change in my fishing as well as the enjoyment that goes hand in hand, definitely far out-weighs the bad.

It has taken a good 32 years before I willingly consumed fish.  Yes that’s right, a fisherman that didn’t eat fish.  Now to a lot of people, that is really mind blowing but at the same time, to others it isn’t all too odd.  Why didn’t I ever eat fish?  For no other reason than that I didn’t like the taste.  All these years, you could have put anything in front of me, odd animals, offal, limbs, birds, frogs, you name it, I’d eat it, but fish, you couldn’t pay me to eat.  In fact, I had such a taste for it, I could tell if fish products, such as fish sauce were used in cooking a meal.

So what happened that changed all of this? I will have to put it down to good friend of Bradley Sissins, whose wedding I attended last year.  His reception was held at a Japanese restaurant.  There are no prizes for guessing what made up a portion of the menu.  I’ve always been willing to try new foods, fish and sashimi being the exception. For some reason I tried each and thoroughly enjoyed them.  To cut a long story short, after 32 years I’m now progressively eating more and more fish, very selectively, some of it I’m still not a great fan.  Mum if you’re reading this, I’m eating fish.


Another big change last year was my new boat.  Whether it’s been cars, four wheel drives, bikes or boats, I’ve always had toys that that I can push and that challenge me.  My last Stratos bass boat was no exception.  That boat was a weapon and a real ‘driver’s’ boat.  On several occasions I hit 80mph in that boat, for those that aren’t to familiar with the imperial unit of measure, that is just shy of 130km/h – on the water that is pretty quick.

Late last year I made another big change, I’m not sure if I upgraded or downgraded to my new Edgewater.  A smaller boat and a smaller engine, it only has a top speed so far of 42mph but the ride is phenomenal on Sydney Harbour and adds a new perspective to the word performance.  Best of all though, the kids don’t roll off the deck, my wife approves and it has also opened up a range of fishing options that I’m eager to get out and learn more about.

The Maiden Voyage

From my closer friends, one of the most noted changes would be the broadened range of fishing I’ve pushed myself to do over the last year.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy fishing for bream but challenging myself land based, from the boat and kayak chasing everything from Jewfish, Squid, Kingfish, Threadfin, Trout, Carp, Snapper, Salmon and as you may have read about, Bass.

Some of these journey’s have been far from successful, some of these species I’m still yet to conquer but I’ve learnt a heap while most importantly enjoying my time on the water, spending time on the boat with the family and living (on the odd occasion when I do manage to catch something) as a ‘hunter/gatherer’.  To think it was only a few years ago that Chris and I were fishing almost every weekend and competing in Bream tournaments almost every second weekend, while just last year I think I fished two events that weren’t even in Sydney.


Who knows what I have in store for the rest of the year but as weird as this may sound, my goal is to go out, have fun and really enjoy my fishing whether it’s burleying bream up on bread from a wharf with the kids, hiking 12kms for a single trout or getting sea-sick in the kayak chasing Snapper in the ocean.

One thing is for certain, once I get my safety gear up to scratch, I know Josh has some bigger missions lined up for the Edgewater.

7 responses to “How things change!

  1. Hey Bud,

    something you touched on, so do I take it you guys are over tournaments now? It would be good to get the Seeto’s perspective on the tournament scene as it stands today and why you guys have moved away considering this is where your foundations lie, it is what provided you with what you have today (how I see it, and not a criticism).


    • Hey Buz,

      I wouldn’t say that I’m over tournaments, I definitely have fished a lot less over the last year. Fishing them is a lot more difficult these days because of other personal and work restrictions and as such, I guess I’m taking the opportunities when they arise to get out there and still enjoy my fishing.


    • Buz – Fair question.

      Speaking for myself, I’m not over the tournaments. I absolutely agree with you that this is where we started and that’s what allowed us to build this site to where it is today.

      My perspective: I still love to do them and enjoy the social aspect as much as the competitive. I’ve met some great guys and girls over the last six or so years, made some life long friends and had some super times. Personally, I prefer to fish the individual ABT events to push and challenge myself, but enjoy the social aspect of competing a teams event with Justin.

      The biggest thing for me these days is time. Time to travel, time to pre fish and so much choice. My young family is growing up and our commitments with work, school and sport and the like have ultimately expanded, at an almost exponential rate. That, and our commitments with other aspects of this website have meant that the number of events I can do have reduced. That said, I’ve enjoyed the tournaments more over the last 2 years because I’ve gone with a mindset to enjoy them, irrespective of the results… Quality over quantity maybe?

      So you will continue to see me around the traps for years to come

      Cheers, Greg

  2. Great read Ian. I am having a tournament fishing break for a bit with so many other things on as well. When I do get to go fishing it will be for fun and food for a while. The next aim is to get into a hobie kayak so when the new caravan does a family trip the kayak comes too. The edge water is a great looking boat.

    • Thanks for the feedback Craig. I’m definitely having fun with the Edgewater, that’s when I can get out. Playing hunter/gatherer is probably the substitute for the need to seek out and catch the gnarly Bream. In my own mind I’m likening returning home with a feed to getting your bag of 5 decent fish in a tournament, it’s the goal for the outing and provides a sense of achievement when you succeed.


    • Thanks for the kind words Buz. This year is definitely a stretch for me, unfortunately I’m going to have to even miss the Sydney Harbour qualifier this year on my home waters. I can’t even begin to explain how much I’m already missing the event and we are still a couple of weeks out but I will be there on the sideline giving the ABT guys a hand.
      In a broader sense, I still won’t be far from the action. Probably more with a camera in hand rather than a fishing rod and as a spectator to the local events. As you pointed out, this tournament scene is where cut our teeth and as Greg has mentioned is a fundamental part of what has built this site into what it is today.


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