The Monday Morning Gallery – Trout Fishing the Snowy Mountains (By Bradley Sissins)

With over 25 years in the fishing photography business, even though I travel the globe capturing our favorite sport, the Snowy Mountains district in southern New South Wales remains one of my all time favorite travel locations. This passion stems from my upbringing in the Alps of Victoria and my love of trout. I have a love for this amazing part of Australia, no matter what season, it is always a spectacular place, from the harshness of summer to bitter winter snow falls across the expansive mountains, its purely a privilege to visit.

Most will attest passionate trout anglers are a different breed. In a sport where too many anglers brag about tournaments, numbers, bag weight or who caught the largest fish, trout anglers will chat enthusiastically about stalking trout, insect life or wildlife. Trout fishing isn’t just about capturing a fish, it encompasses the whole experience, travel, flora, fauna, weather and history, to land a fish is just a bonus. For traversing the mountain plains stalking that prized brown trout means more than just fishing.

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