Lucky 7 with Mick Torley

Self confessed “journeyman”, Mick Torley takes our Lucky 7 interview this week. A “die hard”, Tournament fisho and advocate for encouraging kids in fishing, Mick spends much of his time teaching his young boys the art of his piscatorial (3)

1.     What’s your name and where are you from?

Mick Torley.  Originally from Melbourne and  after working on construction around the country settled in Brisbane to start a roofing business ,where later a bad back forced an early retirement Married with 4 boys

2.     What part do you play in the fishing community today?

In the fishing community, today I enter as many ABT and teams events as time permits, class myself as a journeyman, done many comps, but not often at the money end of them.  I love the fishing scene as it brings such a variety of people together. Being a dad to 4 boys I tend to try to give some help to kids fishing, often find myself giving kids a few old lures, jigheads and plastics. A little bit of help will go a long way with kids.

3.     What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

As a 16 year old apprentice I worked with many guys that were keen fisherman, each smoko and lunchtime was filled with fishing stories, some were even true! On the weekends I would take my hard earned apprentice wage down to Mordialoc Creek and hire an old “putt putt” boat and get a stack of Port Philip bay Flathead , My learning to fish continued and found myself joining the local angling club. Many guest speakers helped me get as much info as I could absorb, even the great Rex Hunt was there telling us about using 5 lb on Bream . The old boys of course telling him he was crazy. If only they could see the line used now!

Port Philip 1981

4.     What is your greatest fishing memory?

Clarence teams gf

With many guys the greatest fishing memories can mean big fish, not for me. Firstly it was coming 2nd at the teams GF on the glorious Clarence with fishing mate Grant Lazarro. It was a great weekend with fishing at its 2nd best.  

Next, something that, we as a family still talk about. While fishing at our regular fishing spot at Couran Cove, Dan our youngest hooks a monster on his Santa present fishing rod. The boys were all yelling and Mum was screaming in the excitement. Dan ends up landing a big blubber lip – Family fishing at its best.

5.     Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be 55 and a real “old man of the sea” Hoping to still mix it with the young guns in tournaments .But mostly hope that we still enjoy our lazy family fishing days at “Torley Beach”


6.     What’s top of the fishing “bucket list”?

Bucket list fish is by no means a big fish, but a fish that I used to read about in Modern Fishing as a teenager in Melbourne, the name alone used to conjure up thoughts of fishing in remote places the still elusive Jungle Perch and has to be taken on a top-water.

7.     Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

In the fishing community I look up to the guys that give other fishos, especially the younger ones some advice without expecting anything in return. Fishing is a great past time and should be passed along. The guys that always show up to the fishing comps with that dream of finishing on top, those guys deserve a great deal of respect, with their never give up attitude. I also look up to the whole ABT family for keeping many, many people around the country busy in their fishing pursuits. The Great Marcel “the executioner”, for teaching me the importance of measuring bream correctly. And lastly, I  look up to the great mates I’ve made in the tourney circuit for keeping my motivation going even though it may be waning; Arthur Hatzipetrou, Nabs and Grant Lazarro


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