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Regional Boating Plans 001

Could this ramp be improved?

The last couple of weeks have been a bit slow on the fishing front. Time away from home, long hours at work and passing time in airport waiting lounges haven’t really been conducive to wetting a line. So what does one do when you can’t actually go out fishing? Naturally, you read about fishing, yes?

In my hours of breezing through the world wide web’s countless fishing and boating sites, I have read numerous articles.  Some interesting and some that receive about 2 lines of my attention.  One that really stood out was something that will affect a lot of us and really hit home with me. To be honest, if I didn’t casually stumble upon this information, I don’t think I would have heard of it otherwise.

Did you know, that right now, on our own doorstep (for those that live in NSW), Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) are currently surveying and engaging with the boating community.  The study that is being conducted will provide valuable information as to where and what funding is most required on and off water, to meet the needs of the recreational and commercial sectors by  improving boating safety, storage and access across our major waterways.  I think this is a positive move and by participating, you are able to highlight and comment on issues that require attention within your local region.

Personally, some of the issues that I feel are important on Sydney Harbour  are things like:

  • Access to facilities such as Bayview Park boat ramp on Pittwater and the Concord boat ramp on Sydney Harbour are costly with the need to pay for parking and also restricted usage times.
  • The dangers of Sydney Ferries and Parramatta River Cats, especially the pressure wave displaced by the River Cats up the Parramatta River and around the Car-Ferry Crossing.
  • Positive impact of the ban of PWC’s (Jet Skis) on Sydney Harbour compared to other waterways.
  • Access to the waterways for non-boat owners and users.  Quite often they are restricted to boat ramps and wharves which in turn creates additional congestion to boat users.
Regional Boating Plans 003

One of our family friendly fishing locations in Sydney

No doubt everyone who uses the waterways will have different issues.  Those in smaller coastal towns probably won’t have the same issues that we have on Sydney Harbour, and this is an opportunity to voice your opinion about issues in your region.

More information about these regional boating plans are available here and the survey for your region can be found here.  Closing dates for surveys are below.  Get on it quick though to have your say and spread the word.

1. Tweed-Clarence Valley

Open until Sunday 23 March 2014
2. Mid-North Coast Open until Sunday 23 March 2014
3. Taree-Great Lakes Open until Sunday 6 April 2014
4. Port Stephens-Hunter Open until Sunday 6 April 2014
5. Lake Macquarie-Tuggerah Open until Sunday 16 March 2014
6. Hawkesbury River, Pittwater, Brisbane Water Open until Sunday 13 April 2014
7. Sydney Harbour Open until Sunday 13 April 2014
8. Botany Bay-Georges River Open until Sunday 30 March 2014
9. Shoalhaven-Illawarra Open until Sunday 30 March 2014
10. Far South Coast Open until Sunday 11 May 2014
11. Murray-Riverina Open until Sunday 20 April 2014

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