The Ultimate First Aid Kit

Safety is paramount and as much as fishing is not a contact sport, the risks of injury still exist.  Hook points, knives, propellers, fins, teeth or any number of injuries can occur and we often over look our safety in pursuit of  a fish.  I’m not one to back down from a fishing challenge, weather doesn’t perturb me because I’ll just change the plan, busy waterways are the same, as I’m confident in my knowledge of the waterway rules and boat handling ability but it doesn’t remove the risk of something going wrong.First Aid Kit 001

My worst incident on the water was grabbing a knife which I thought was still in the sheath and pulling the blade through my hand which was closed around the blade.  After slicing through the flesh on my fingers from my left hand and a quick trip to the hospital after raiding a less than adequate first aid kit should have been a warning for me but carrying a comprehensive first aid kit only became routine for me just prior to my trip to PNG chasing Black Bass.  The thought of being hours from a hospital (let alone a good hospital) was a risk I was not willing to take.  Since then, I’ve carried one in both my kayak and boat.

I recently picked up a first aid kit combination that sits perfectly within the needs of all boat owners and anglers.  One of my previous kits ended up at the bottom of the front hatch of my kayak that was full of water, it’s life ended in a wet mess.  This new first aid kit comes with a waterproof container that is big enough to hold other gear, like waterproof torches, car keys and mobile phones.First Aid Kit 003

Besides the fact that it comes in a waterproof container, it is a comprehensive first aid kit.  It has everything you’d reasonably need from a first aid kit and fits nicely into a storage hatch and because it is waterproof it doesn’t need to be buried deep in a hatch to protect it.

You might think why do you need a first aid kit in the first place, the bottom line is, you never know what is going to happen but sometimes it is the small mishap that can end a day as quickly as a major accident.  A small cut is bound to happen when you’re handling hooks, knives or fish and without having the equipment to deal with it can end a session and end a hot bite.First Aid Kit 004

I picked my kit up from a company called Excite Safety Training, they recommended I have a kit that was suited to the travel I end up doing, whether for tournaments, weekends away or trips to my local waterway.  It is probably a bit of overkill but the way I look at it, you can’t have a first aid kit that has too much stuff in it.

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