’s Lucky Weekend (we hope)

Lots going on this weekend for the team. Four of us went to a media launch for Lowrance on Wednesday. Two of the boys are fishing the ABT event on Sydney Harbour, Vicki and Ian are probably going to get their arms stretched on on some big Snapper that are in close at the moment and I’m lucky enough to be involved in shooting some of the most amazing footage I have seen in a while up in the snowy mountains again.scott-lear-snapper

Even the snippets I just watched tonight are some next level stuff with drone aerial footage, 300 fps 4k resolution slow motion of the cast hook and landing of fish and super tight macro shots of river life. I’m super excited to be involved and can’t wait until it is ready to be shown.l1009902

It’s going to be a short piece from me this week but expect a big week next week with coverage of the ABT and a bit more detail from everyone on how our big weekend went.syd_harbour08

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