Lure Junkie – Cranka Crabs

Lure Junkie – Cranka Crabs

If you use Facebook, you’ve seen the Memes.  The Cranka Crab had a following for some good and not so good reasons but boy, how a good product can turn around some negative press.  There is no doubt that the Cranka Crab demonstrates some good old fashioned innovation and innovation takes time to develop.Crank Crabs 001

Type:   Crab… Stick Bait…. Vibe… (watch this space!)
Material:  Plastic + Foam + Tungsten
Colours:  8
Size:  18mm @ 3.9g and 18mm @ 5.9g
 Cost:  $20.95 from

Crank Crabs 003

Did it catch fish?
Yes – I wouldn’t say it whacked them or slayed them but there are certainly enough runs on the board for me to go out and buy more… lots moreCrank Crabs 002

What has worked best?
The technique for success with the Cranka Crab demonstrates how innovative this product is.  Besides soft plastics, I would never conceive just “dead sticking” a hard bait before but this one comes pretty close.  Just keep a close eye on your line because the takes that I had were subtle to the point of not seeing them.

The technique I found most successful was just to flick the slack line.  Fishing fluorocarbon means there is plenty of stretch, which I feel is a huge advantage with these baits.  The stretch means that any action is subdued by the time it reaches the lure and with the Crab, it means those floating foam arms get the slightest of shock waves.  “Flick the slack line”? I mean have a bit of belly in the line and just gently flick the line until it tightens, so gently that just having tight line for a brief second seemed to be enough to get the arms going.

Crank Crabs 006

Final Thoughts

There is zero doubt that Cranka have delivered an innovative product to rival many of the lure innovations to date.  The delays and hype meant that I was going to wait before I dove into another type of lure but the detail and innovation meant that I wasn’t kept away for long.

The initial release was met with plenty of success (I mean a heap of success), so stock has been very very limited (read: like finding hens teeth).  This means the second and subsequent batches are likely to sell fast.  The best technique to guarantee success – buy them fast, buy them early and work out how to fish ‘em later.

Crank Crabs 005Crank Crabs 004

 Cranka Crab

Construction and Quality: My only thoughts are that with the original release “some assembly is required”.  The second batch seems to be fine though (not saying that I experienced ANY issues with the first batch) 8
Performance: They’ve worked well… I can’t say any more than that or else people will think I’m working for Cranka  9
Price: It’s hard to compare against a similar product because there are so few or so many similar products but no direct competition 8
Features: As I got braver and braver, I kept throwing these snag resistant bream lollies into gnarlier and gnarlier territory.  The outcome after a few lost lures, the floating hooks are not 100% snag proof but are very snag resistant  7
Design (Ergonomics): 10 Find me a similar bait that is this well thought out and I’ll show you a 9.  10
Application:  Throw ‘em at rocky points, throw ‘em at pontoons, throw ‘em on the flats… if the fish are there, these things will catch them.

8 responses to “Lure Junkie – Cranka Crabs

  1. Thanks for that Chris .. I’ve just bought a couple .. what leader sizes maximise the features of the crab? I’ve heard of some guys going to 10lb leaders??

    • No leader here. I was using 3lb spinning fluoro but can see how guys find 10lb useful. I use spinning fluoro because it will sink and has less chance of lifting the crab’s backside up. My theory is that the higher the crab claws and hooks are, the better chance they have of hooking a fish and less chance of hooking that immovable object.

      I’d imagine that 10lb leader would do the same thing, it would sink down and let the hooks float that little bit higher but the braid would mean that my “flicking” technique would transfer too much energy to the lure.

      My opinion is to stick with the spinning fluoro!

  2. I was a bit sceptical at first. Bought one as a backup plan for the Marlo Yak comp 2 weeks ago. In the middle of the day saturday, i could see fish sitting on a snag, cast plastics, sticks and a HB at it for nothing….
    Tied on the Glow crab and got 36cm bream first cast !!!! will now find a spot for them in my lure arsenal…

    • You’re a braver man than me, I could never just buy one lure! I wasn’t skeptical but I was hesitant to use them initially. I really only tied it on after being convinced by Adam from to at least try them.

      I think they will become an effective lure but a bit like the Ecogear ZX blades with their assist hooks, the replacement claws/trebles will be in high demand until supply can meet the consumer demands.

  3. These little gems are nothing short of Genius. I have had a few extremely productive session on them.. They are a must to have a couple of these in the tackle
    box to ensure you get those valuable tournament upgrades! Come winter when the fish start to school, i can only see these doing even better..

    • There is no question about the innovation, not only on the bream/estuarine species but there must be a market in other forms of fishing for a crab imitation.

      Do you think they will remain as effective or do you think that in a similar manner to Gulp, the fish will wise up to the crab?

  4. Hey Chris,
    Another great read and very thorough. I like Nick have been using these for about a month now. When I started I found them very hard to fish with, but now have refind a number of techniques for different applications. Last week I was able to pick fish up in a foot of water to 3m of water all in the one session. It was Flats, Pontoons, Pylons and off the bottom. I have only had one session where the bite was extremly sublte, the rest of the time the rod almost gets ripped out of your hand as they are so agressive towards them. The funny thing is that fish still take Gulp it is just us anglers that may have lost favour with it. I have to thank the guys at Cranka for persisting with this product through all the hard times as the wait has definately been worth it.

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