South Durras : Back in the saddle

Phew! It has been a super busy last couple of months and although I have squeezed in some fishing in that time, most of it was a “commitment” rather than just pure “I want to go fish here” for a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, when I say commitment it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy myself, it just means I’m fishing to some kind of schedule rather than just having a relaxing time. 6903

When I wrote two weeks ago I mentioned I was away shooting something new. Whether it will end up on TV, DVD or online I don’t yet know but what I can tell you is that it will be right up there with some of the most amazing fishing media made in Australia. It’s always good to have the gear. It’s always good to be prepared. And it always helps to get lucky. Very rarely will you have the gear, be prepared and get lucky all at once. Picture this. Standing on a boulder in the middle of the water because it had a tree growing out of it and “it would make a good shot” then making 6 or 8 casts for still images. Then it is decided to pull out the aerial drone and do a slow fly by past me and down past the rapids to the next pool. Drone fires up, hovers, I have the bail arm open, finger on the line, ready to cast. The drone starts to move forward and I cast for the camera to the same spot I had all those times before and on the second turn of the handle one of the biggest trout of the trip decides to jump on in full frame. Nobody was more surprised than me and it was hard not to squeal like a girl while the cameras were going. But I digress. This is actually meant to be about this weekend just passed and here I am still frothing on what happened two weeks ago. 6841

The second reason for being happy with a free fishing weekend was that I got to hang out with my girlfriend for the weekend. Unfortunately the weather forecast just wasn’t looking good at all. In reality it was great but neither of us felt like travelling a long way for the rain to rear its head. So we settled on a few nights at the Murramarang Beach Front Nature Resort which is only about an hour and a bit away from me. My immediate thought turned to getting the kayak back on the water as it has had a long time sitting in the backyard gathering dust and I knew of South Durras as a popular Snapper spot. 6913

While it didn’t rain, the wind certainly howled on the first day but that gave me a chance to check out Durras Lake. While I can see how it gets its reputation for good Bream and awesome Whiting on topwater it didn’t really fire for me. A few decent Bream but nothing to write home about. 6837

But the next two days were all about Squid and Snapper. My girlfriend LOVES seafood and I regularly get “when are you going fishing again” and “you should go squidding this afternoon” and Durras turned it on when looking for a fresh feed. I took a couple of the best pan sized Snapper each of the two days and they almost tasted like crab or lobster they were that sweet and the Squid were almost suicidal at times going four in four casts at one point. 6867

Other than the plate fish there was no shortage of line peeling bycatch either with Salmon and rat Kings aplenty. Somehow I feel lie going back to Durras is going to be an easy sell in the future. 6927 6933

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