Dolphins On Fly

Well my journey into fly-fishing has well and truly begun.  Being the fish-a-holic that I am I like to fish both saltwater and fresh.  At the end of the day I think the visual of the fly-fishing has well and truly got me hooked.


Last week I failed to get the fish to take the fly I presented to them and Scott certainly gave me a lesson or two on how it was done hooking 3 fish with the same rod and fly I was using.  That just frustrated me even more.  The fish would look at the fly and kind of follow it but they didn’t turn to eat it.

This week I was going to have another crack.  We moved to a FAD that was not disturbed by other boats and peering into the water we could see dolphin fish sitting next to the FAD.  It was a great test for my new sunglasses and I must say they worked a treat, I was very happy with the clarity and comfortability.


Scott positioned the boat so I was in casting distance away.  Using a sinking tippet and 20lb leader I cast my fly out and let it sink down the water column.  I could literally watch the dolphin fish gather around it whilst watching it sink.  Be patient Vicki, not yet.  When it was approx 3 metres down I started to strip, with a constant long and fast strip.  This turned the fish on and to peer into the water seeing them all lit up was so exciting.  All of a sudden they all turned for the fly fighting one another for it.  Whoo hoo I was hooked up.

It was so exhilarating and everything I expected and more.  To see your spare line screaming out from the floor through your fingers into the water was like being on some wild ride at a theme park.

With some aerial work from the fish and some shorter spurts I played the fish to the boat, only a small one, but this was my first dolphin fish.  You could not wipe the smile off my face.


I have always raved about green baitfish profiles being excellent for fish but strangely enough I threw a fly they commonly label “Pink Thing” at them and these fish were all over it – unfortunately not tied by me thanks Gary Wade.

Well, no time to waste with this fish safely released it was time to catch another.  Scott also wasn’t going to sit around so he too picked up the other fly rod and we were having double hook up on fly.  What a buzz.  It wasn’t long before I had my second to the boat.

The school seemed to dissipate but we could see on the side imaging that the fish were on the left side of us approx 10-15 metres away.  So I took a cast and started stripping back.  Only a few metres from the boat I saw about 5 dolphin fish chasing my fly and then bam, I am on again, this time to a quite sizeable dolphin fish.


It absolutely tore the line out of my hands and lucky enough my tangled mess went through the guides with no knotting.  Oh gee, it then had me running from the front of the boat, then to the back and swapping sides regularly.  This fish was stubborn with deep runs under the boat also.  I prayed to the fish gods that everything sticks together and I land this fish.  They had answered my prayers.  With the fish to the side of the boat, Scott netted it for me and it was securely on the deck.  Measuring in at 82cm this to date my biggest fish I have landed on fly.  If you can’t half tell the excitement is still going whilst I am writing you this article.

That’s another fish to tick off the bucket list, mmm what shall I target next?


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