Lucky Dip Review : Malamoo 3 second tent

I am a through and through swag man. I have had my swag for a few years now and absolutely love it. It gets rolled up with sleeping bag and pillows inside and it takes me less than a minute from being in the back of the car to me being in it going to sleep. Unfortunately, it’s just not suitable for two people. My girlfriend is only tiny and I figured it would be “cosy” but the reality was it was like a mini panic attack in waiting. I think the word is “claustrophobic”. I quite enjoy the fact that she likes to come on “camping” (fishing) trips with me and a non “crushing black void” alternative needed to be found.  ironbark

I already own a regular tent and I hate the thing. It never goes back in the bag as easily as it came out. It takes a little while to set up and take down and you don’t really want to be doing either of those in the dark. Add to that the fact that I like to be fairly mobile and setup in places you really can’t put up a regular tent. At first I thought of going for a double swag but they roll up to be quite large and also cost a fair chunk of change. So I started looking at pop top camp bed style arrangements. Again they were quite large when packed down and cost a fair bit.malamoo-classic-2-tent

In the end it was the good old in store salesman at real outdoor store (as opposed to the ones staffed with juniors that don’t know much about what the store has) that pointed me towards  the Malamoo 3 second tent. It’s like the bastard, abomination, child of a tent and one of those folding windshield sun protector things where you fold up the rings to put it away. But wow, it does the job of a tent in a fraction of the time and folds away a lot easier than I thought it ever could. You could literally throw this thing into the air and it will open up, ready to go. Even better it packs into a flat circular shape that can sit on top of everything else you have packed. At $149 it also beat any swag option by a long way. It comes with pegs to stake it down but I haven’t even used them as I just rolled out the swag and slept on top of it for its padding underneath. In the mornings it takes less than a minute to pack and be gone.malamoo_moz_insect_shelter_1_person

Definitely  worth a look if a regular tent isn’t your thing

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