The English vs the American

I was lucky enough to spend a couple more days chasing Trout in the Snowies a few weeks back and I was struck with the difference I found from just a few weeks before. I fished the same section of river that I had covered just two weeks earlier and it was like chalk and cheese but not quite how you would think. 7183

The fishing was great both times. Heaps of fish, most of them small some of them bigger but the difference was in the species. The first time through I would say I hooked 30 fish and all but two being Rainbows. This time it was about the same amount of fish but ALL Browns save for just three Rainbows. I certainly don’t think the Browns moved in and the Rainbows out as this section of river is a long way from anywhere you might have the two species move in and out of. I think they were both there the whole time. The big difference, the weather. 7017

I’m starting to think Trout have somehow carried their personalities in their DNA from their country of origin. The American Rainbows being a bit brash and stupid, hit things first before asking questions and jump around like crazy when hooked. Give them a clear, sunny day and they will be having a keg party on a beach somewhere. The English Browns on the other hand are much more reserved, maybe a little snooty. Give them a cold grey day with drizzly rain and they may come out for a gin and tonic. 7121

Of course I’m making a big generalisation but since then everyone I have talked to about my observation has agreed and usually found the same thing. The Yanks like beach weather and the Limeys like the London weather. What I can tell you for sure is that they both taste great roasted over and open fire. 7275

The snakes however, seem to like it either way and I saw them both times. 7244

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