The 1001 uses of super glue

Nothing like a bit of hyperbole to describe a useful product but I have to say that super glue is an angler’s friend. Have you ever heard the urban myth of the origins of super glue? It is told that super glue was in fact used to seal off wounds during World War II but that story (from my research) is not 100% trueSuper glue 002

Now where does an angler find use for super glue? I use it for several regular uses but also use it as a bit of a back up for when things break.

The first use for super glue – I use it to glue my leader knots.

I don’t think it is going to miraculously hold the braid and leader if a knot gives way but it helps to keep frayed line to a minimum, which in turn reduces the knot fatigue and reduces the instances of the knot catching guides.Super glue 007

The second use for super glue – I use it to glue my plastics to my jigheads.

Some of the new plastics are super tough but difficult to feed on to the grub keeper part of the jighead. I’ve found that a drop of super glue will lock your plastic in place and get you fishing that little bit faster.

Super glue 003Super glue 004Super glue 005Super glue 006

The third less successful use for super glue – Gluing my boat back together

When I’m fishing, I’ll do anything to keep fishing and not let a break down get in the way. I’ve tried super glue to join the shift mechanism that connects the gear box to the shift cable (unsuccessfully), I’ve glued navigation light wiring so I actually had lights(successfully) and glued plastic handles back to my jockey wheel on my trailer (relatively successfully). All in a pinch and all for the purpose of fishing for that day but it’s worked.

A less than conventional use for super glue – Gluing me back together

I’ve cut myself on fish more times than I’d care to remember or admit and especially with fish like flathead that have an anti-coagulant in their slime coat, getting the bleeding to stop can be pretty difficult. What I do now is to dry and clean the wound as quickly and effectively as possible and then put a few drops of super glue into the wound to help it bind and stop the bleeding. It’s worked a few times now.Super glue 001

They use a similar method to this in medical situations but don’t get me wrong, see a medical professional if you think it is bad enough and also be prepared to remove the glue using acetone (it stings a lot) or something similar when you get home so you can clean the wound properly. The other thing, although there is a heap of alcohol in it,
I’m pretty sure that doctors use sterile adhesives and don’t make a run to Bunnings to top up on their super glue supply.

The best part of super glue is that it comes in small tubes or packaging so you can leave it in your tackle box, bag or trays, it is cost effective so you can buy lots and leave it in more than one place and can even be bought in single drop applicators (my favourite), so you don’t end up gluing unexpected bits of skin together.

When you do buy your glue, make sure it isn’t that “doesn’t glue skin” stuff because when you do cut yourself, you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

3 responses to “The 1001 uses of super glue

  1. The original super glue was designed to glue up bodies in the field in Vietnam. Saved a lot of lives.

  2. G’day lads, interesting post and very timely! After 3 blokes casting lures for about 8 hours a day for 3 days we had 3 leader knots ‘let go’ over the course of the weekend. All on the cast. Shortly followed by a mad scramble to where the lure landed to retrieve it.

    Consistently the line broke just below the leader knot, presumably due to fatigue from traveling through the guides. Interested in how often you experience this and therefore how often you might re-tie the leader during a session. In the meantime I’ll try the glue trick! Cheers Graham

    • Hi Graham,
      I’ve experienced the knots cutting into each other. It will all depend on the type of braided line you use because in my experience, some are better than others. I believe there are two possible reasons:
      1. The braided line is so thin, that over time it cuts through the leader
      2. The braided line is so hard, that over time it cuts through the leader

      It’ll depend on the knot you use, the leader and braid but another factor is just plain old fatigue on the leader material.

      Sorry I can’t give you a more definitive answer.


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