Lord of the Rigs : One rig to rule them all (edit 2014)

Before we proceed, none of this information is new. This post is republished from one we ran last year, because it is timely, and time sensitive, though the pics are from this season. Josh is in the Snowy’s again this weekend with his glo bug and nymph rig after his epic trout weekend over Easter.  The trout are biting and this technique seems to be the go at present.

Well, I’m going to preface this entire blog by saying that most of it is mere observation as I really can’t claim to be an expert at all even if I did manage to catch some really good Trout this weekend in the Snowy Mountains. The first big observation of mine is that if you thought Bream fishos were cagey and tight lipped, then Trout fisherman are right up there with them. Lureandfly.com is not about secrets though and as much as a few people weren’t huge on the idea of me writing anything about this type of fishing the fact is it really isn’t much of a secret at all.


 7586 (1)

I am talking about the Glo-bug rig. Whether you are talking about using it on a spin rod or a fly rod it has been around for ages. I remember how much I wanted a Millerods Jig Flicker from the Harbord Tackle Supply catalogue (the one with the three ladies game fishing on the cover…. anyone who remembers that one shout out!) when I was 14 or 15 years old.Thats more than 20 years ago people. They were making rods with this kind of technique in mind. As for the location… Snowy Mountains rivers that flow into the lakes. Google (or Bing) maps people…… They are as obvious as hell.

The super new technique

The super new technique

At its simplest it is a brightly coloured ball of fluff or a “Glo-bug” that is meant to represent a Trout egg or small bundle of eggs then tied off the bottom of that hook is a dropper to some sort of nymph fly. Voila, add the needed weight with split shots and add water. At this time of year the larger lake dwelling Trout move up the rivers in an attempt to spawn. Brown Trout first, followed by the Rainbows.

Super secret river

Super secret river

Now from here I get a little blurry on exactly why this rig works because as a general rule the fish are not in feeding mode but this past weekend it was the only thing that caught fish and it caught a lot of them. Whether the female trout see what they think are eggs coming from upstream that are presumably not their eggs, and in a survival of the fittest kind of way try and take them out of circulation by eating them or they figure the eggs have not bound to the river stones, which once fertilised must do and are useless and figure they may as well put them to some use. Again by eating them. The males definitely  try and do the business with the Glo-bug sometimes and get hooked in the bum.


Again, as a pure observation from a layman who is learning as he goes, the nymph below almost seemed like a second bite of the cherry if the Glo-bug hook missed and more than a couple I caught were foul hooked on the nymph part of the rig. Maybe there are times when the fish are eating it but it didn’t seem that way this weekend.


My second big observation for the weekend was the animosity between those anglers fly fishing and those with spinning tackle which I thought was absolutely hilarious because both sets were using the exact same rig…. and I mean exact same. Some of the fly fishers even had more split shots on than could actually be cast at all and simply used the extra length of the rod to pick the rig up and plop it back upstream rather than winding in a casting out. Me, I did a bit of both and found both had their strengths in different situations. The deeper, faster runs were definitely for the spin rod and the shallow water rapids and backs of pools were for the fly rod. Maybe it’s because I’m no expert but all my fish on the fly felt so much more special (probably because I’m crap at it)


Using the rig is easy enough. You simply cast it upstream and let it float down with the current as natural as possible and watch for the bite. I found this much easier with fly as a strike indicator would simply make what was very definitely a move the wrong direction in the whereas with spin gear it could be a pause or the line pulling away. If you don’t get a bite simply present it back up current and drift it down again. Over and over until you get the perfect drift through where it needs to be.

The Eucumbene Hilton

The Eucumbene Hilton

It sounds totally stupid but there are plenty of times the rig will get stuck in the river stones as it drifts down and you come up tight to it and then other times that rock then starts to shake its head and run off down stream. My biggest for the weekend did just that. it felt like I came up tight to a big rock, it shook it’s head, came up and jumped then tailwalked in a way that would make any Barra of Marlin jealous (which isn’t usual at all).


At the moment it certainly seems as thought the Trout bug isn’t going away for me any time soon.

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