What’s warm and sticky and gets in between you fingers?

Scent, not the stuff that happens after a full weekend of fishing without deodorant but the stuff that is exceedingly popular but hardly proven that we anglers put on our lures.  We can’t say it is proven because I am yet to see independent research into the success of any of the scents, yet I’m one of the angler’s that puts it on when the time between bites exceeds my patience.Scent 001

There seem to be as many theories about scents, as there are actually scents, which makes me exceedingly suspicious that these theories are manufactured by distributors and the manufacturers themselves (maybe I’m joking a little there)but the fact of the matter is, that there doesn’t seem to be a strict hard and fast rule about it’s use.

Previously, I tried S-Factor, the stuff that comes with the Squidgies Pro Range of soft plastic lures.  Considering I don’t fish soft plastics very often, I still have room in my tackle box for the plastics, so my collection of the old satchels and tubes is still growing slowly.Scent 002

I think S-Factor has come along nicely, the tube dispenser is great for pockets and keeping fingers relatively clean.  My greatest fear is that by having it smeared all over my fingers, they get so oily and slippery that I’ll end up casting a rod out of my hands.  I can’t conclusively say that it works but word on the street is that it actually does.  Considering the cost of the actual scent (i.e. it comes with the plastics), it remains a winner in my eyes.

I made a recent investment into a bottle of Pro-Cure, this stuff has a similar consistency to S-Factor but may be a little thicker.  It comes in a great bottle, no twisting lids off and losing them over the side, in tackle bags or in storage hatches and sticks to everything (both good and bad).  This stuff has been all the rage as well and seems to have more flavours than chupa chups. PROCURE-s

The fact that some of the Pro-Cure range is more popular and deemed more effective than some of the others, suggests that it must work to a certain degree.  If we all end up buying the same Pro-Cure scent, either suggests that we’re listening to the same guy at the pub claiming to have caught the cricket score of fish or that scent actually works.

This brings me full circle, without conclusive, scientifically backed proof from an independent researcher, we’re left with conjecture as to the actual impact the scent has on our fishing.

We all know that “if the lure can’t catch the fisherman, it’ll never catch the fish” but maybe we need to have a disclaimer about scents as well.  As pessimistic as this all may seem, I’m still the bunny who buys and uses scent every now and then.

One response to “What’s warm and sticky and gets in between you fingers?

  1. I don’t use any, but I work with someone who uses it purely to put on his fingers.
    He reckons it helps to get rid of our own scent. For example, before a bream commits to a lure they “Taste it” by sucking in behind it getting a gob full of smell/taste from the lure, if it smells like petrol or cigarettes or something, it’s obviously not going to be a fan.
    Thought you might find that interesting.

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