Learning To Read My Sounder


Side Imaging – 3 trees with yellow belly on them.

Well the new boat is on the water and with the new boat came the new sounder.

As we were getting a Minn Kota IPilot Electric Motor it was commonsense for us to also get a Humminbird Sounder to integrate the both. We received a demonstration at the boat show last year and it offered many features that we could make use of with the many different styles of fishing that we do.

Kingfish sitting on the bottom

Kingfish sitting on the bottom

I thought the transition from our old sounder to the Humminbird would be difficult but to tell you the truth the menu options have been quite easy to learn.

The hardest bit is to learn about what fish you are seeing on the sounder because believe me you can start to differentiate between fish species. The only way you can do this is by seeing them on your sounder and then catching them.

We are not in IT or Computer Techs by any standard, so it just doesn’t come naturally. I have had the book out on the water learning to set up options that I think we would use. This made me wonder why manufacturers don’t make waterproof books or cards? I have had to dry the book out a few times and separate the pages so I can continue to use it. Whoops.


Large bait school

I haven’t got as far as integrating the electric motor yet but believe me when I do I will let you know how it goes.

My most exciting part that I have learnt is that if you put an SD Card into the 2nd slot and select screen snapshot waypoint icon in your chart options, the unit will take a snapshot of the screen. Maybe it has been there on other units also but I am just excited to learn how to use it.

This way you can either go into the waypoint and see your screen shot or download it on the computer like I have and study your findings a bit further or share with friends.

I hope to learn more as I go to maximize my results whilst fishing. I will be sure to share as I go so you too can have more success. The fishing hasn’t been too bad so far.


Some Kingfish sitting on the back edge of the bait school

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