At an arms length

Lanyard 001

Previously if somebody mentioned the term retractable lanyard, my mind would picture something that belonged to those in the corporate world.  Attached to the belt loop on their pants or shirt pockets, the lanyard maintained security of the security swipe card used to access buildings, doors or even elevators.

Before my kayak, the majority of my time fishing was spent from a boat and my habit of hastily throwing my scissors or pliers to the floor so I could get back to fishing turned out to be bad.  On numerous occasions now, scissors and pliers have found their way to the bottom of the river either through the hole where the mirage drive is fitted, on a number of instances I have even thrown them straight over the side of the kayak.  One may think this is the kind of behaviour you would only do a couple of times, but apparently bad habits are hard to break.

Lanyard 001 (1)

These days, that same lanyard I associated with the corporate society has become an important piece of kit in my fishing bag.  Whether in the kayak or on foot, I now use the lanyard to maintain my scissors or pliers at a convenient yet secure arms-length.  In the kayak, the lanyard is easily attached to one of the many points on the Hobie and when I’m on foot it attaches nicely to the ‘D’ ring on my shoulder bag.  This allows me the convenience of having my scissors/pliers at arms-length but more importantly means I’m not throwing away perfectly good tools.

One response to “At an arms length

  1. Very true Ian. The same problem in my boat. I drop them on the front deck accidently kick them and just when I need them they are gone. Usually with the current and wind pushing the boat into trouble. A simple idea which I will take on board my boat and the hobie when it turns up.
    Craig Ainsworth.

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