Proof of concept: The Squid Quickie

I’ve written about it earlier this year and I’ve been doing a bit more work on it and I’m pleased to report that setting up a stand up paddle board or SUP for fishing is a totally viable option. 7711

The first couple of times immediately highlighted what I was missing which was an anchor to hold me in position or a drogue to slow the drift in the wind. That was easily fixed by simply taking them with me. Step 2 that needed to be sorted was where to actually keep something I caught. Reaching back to grab a rod in a holder on a livewell is easy enough but undoing a lid and putting something in it while it is behind you is another. The livewell actually doubles as something to sit on if you need a rest but I added another small styrofoam esky to the front so I could simply reach forward and put things in it I wanted to keep. One word of warning though, I have come to realise that to make sure you keep all your fishing gear dry you need to accept that you are going to get wet. When you are doing something important like tying on leaders or lures, or unhooking fish it is best done sitting on the board with your legs in the water which means you can get a wet bum. So maybe this isn’t a full winter cold plan of attack. 7709

The question most people still ask is “why bother at all?” why not just take a boat or kayak out. Well the last month or so has seen the squid fire up down my way and about 40 minutes on the water is all I have needed to catch 6-10 squid for dinner. The time needed to organise the board to fish is minimal and you can carry it much closer to where the squid actually are rather than paddle or motor from where you are normally forced to launch.

The whole idea was to have something quick and it certainly works, especially for quickie trips like this. The added bonus is I’ve been getting back into surfing again as well when it is too big to fish inside the bay. It might slow a little with this weather getting colder but expect to see plenty more catches from the SUP. Next target, Snapper! 7715 (1)

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