Put a Cap on it!

Daiwa Cap 003

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a hat blow off our heads at some stage and while on the water it can be even more of a pain than chasing it down the street or across the park.  Whether it’s come off while underway and you need to turn your boat around and try and find it bobbing about semi-submerged in the water, or that it’s just come off from a gust of wind, either way you end up not wearing a hat and dealing with the glare of the sun or with a wet hat on your head.

Daiwa Cap 002

On the water, the task of making sure my kids are protected from the elements while on the boat can be difficult; Life Jackets, sunscreen, footwear, long sleeve shirts and keeping a hat on their heads are just a few.  This is where I have found Daiwa’s D-VEC DC-7203 caps to be fantastic.  Not only are they stylish, they have an adjustable Velcro strap (that adjusts small enough for my 4 year old), as well as the regular comforts such as breathable material, moisture wicking technology and a cotton liner, but they also have an additional feature of a safety strap that tucks away inside the cap when not in use.  Within seconds this strap can be pulled out from the cap (or tucked back in) and clipped to your shirt, sunglasses strap or in the case of kids, the PFD grab handle that is located on the back of the PFD (just behind their head) is a perfect place that I’ve found to attach it.  Whether it’s a gust of wind, the boat underway or them trying to take off the hat, this strap makes the task of not losing it that little bit easier and when it does come off, the hat shouldn’t make it as far as the water.

Daiwa Cap 001

For more information or to purchase, go to the online store at www.daiwafishing.com.au

One response to “Put a Cap on it!

  1. I’ve been using brickies cord of Dacron for the past 50+ years to do the same thing.

    Now that I wear Buffs I’ve given up on the cords and haven’t lost a cap. Haven’t been over 90kph with just the Buff over the cap though.

    Not to worry I always carry a spare cap. I buy them in bulk for $6 each.

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