Putting It To The Test – Demon Blood/Saltist 4500H



Well I think it has been close to 12 months since Scott got his Daiwa Saltist 4500H reel teamed up with Demon blood 64CJ Rod.Why he picked this rod is that it was versatile and soft enough to cast plastics, stick baits and hard bodies and yet still have the grunt to down rig baits on. He may have caught a few dolphin fish this season with it but now was the time to test its power on something a little more decent.













As all of you have seen there are jewfish littered everywhere on the social pages such as Facebook. Whether it is in harbours, offshore, off the beach or up the rivers now is the time to target those big mythical fish. Some people spend a lifetime just chasing jewfish.

Scott seems to have a bit of a natural affinity with this elusive fish. He has caught them from many different river systems across the east coast of Australia and off our local beaches. This was the first time he was targeting them in our local harbour.


The night he went out was cold and windy. There was bait galore being tailor and yellowtail. It was basically on tap. They had a burley mixture of yellowtail, tailor, pellets, prawn shells, fish frames and tuna oil pre-prepared to throw out along some fresh cubes of yellowtail. As they caught yellowtail they would butterfly them for baits.


Using 8/0 hooks on a double hook snell rig and 40lb leader on 35lb pound braid they were pretty set to land a fish this night. As previous guys had been busted off just the night before. Being a threadline reel and not a bait runner, an elastic band or balloon tied around the fore grip of the rod acted as a line holder whilst the bail arm was open so there was no tension on the reel when a bite was occurring.



It wasn’t long, actually just before the tide change, before Scott was locked up solid to a nice specimen of a jewfish. This fish tried to run him under jetties and just fought dirty the whole fight. He muscled it out with a tight drag and this beefy rod. It was certainly holding up to this test to stop this jewfish in its tracks.

It was pure adrenalin and excitement that took over his face, landing a 116cm jewfish and he is now searching for the next fish he is going to test on this combo



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