When Mother Nature just won’t blow you……

A couple of years ago now I wrote a similar piece which you can find here which basically is why I actually love fishing in the wind. But what about when the wind simply doesn’t blow?



It really sometimes feels like Bream and Bass comps only ever happen in two kinds of weather. One where the wind blows its arse off and the other where it is dead calm. Honestly, if I had to pick the worst weather for most of the fishing I do it would be a perfectly cloudless sky and less than 5 knots of wind. Nowadays I’m more likely to go to the beach or do something outside other than go fishing when the weather is that good. But as I just said comps are comps and you have to take the weather you are presented with and adjust your fishing to suit.

A couple of weeks ago the Redcliffe kayak Bream round presented two days of perfect (for sunbaking in winter) weather and I had to make a decision. I haven’t fished the place that much but I can almost guarantee that the really big Bream live on the reef and in most comps the best bags would come from there and while the marina and canals have plenty of fish they normally wouldn’t be big enough. BUT, and this is a big but faced with a cloudless sky and a virtual glass off with light variable winds all day the fish on the reef were just not going to bite as well as they could. The way I see it, the canal and marina are not usually a wind affected bite and while they are still going to be a bit spooky in the calm weather it was still going to be easier getting bites there.


So the point is still: learn to love the wind, it will show you to the fish and make them bite better but remember that an area that may fish well in the wind can dry up when it has none because the fish might not even come in to feed and stay deep. So look for deeper areas or structure that will still hold fish and grind it out for whatever you can get in a comp situation.



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