Lure Junkie – AFTA Daiwa 2014

My favourite brand releasing more lures, I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.  The new Daiwa range look to be the answer to some of our fishing prayers with Daiwa quality, design and a super competitive price point, Daiwa look to kick some more goals with their latest releases.


Stick baits, crank baits and the return of the Revo in the form of the Tournament Spike covers my 2 favourite methods of fishing.  I can almost guarantee that I’ll have a stick bait or crank bait tied on for most of my fishing adventures and see these as very versatile lures in fishing.

The stick bait is a lure that can be used at almost any depth and is what I consider a more vertical presentation.  More often than not, they are used in a cast and sink manner, where pylons or vertical structure can be covered by dropping the stick bait adjacent to the structure and being allowed to sink down.

Daiwa Gekkabijin Kojirou 01


The advantage of the new Daiwa Gekkabijin Kojirou relates to the keel under the tow point that can turn this vertical bait into a more horizontal presentation.  The side to side or walk the dog action will open up more possibilities and opportunities than a conventional stick bait can easily offer.




The crank baits are used as a power fishing tool, to cover lots of water and doing so quickly.  They are a cast and retrieve technique that I use to cover horizontal structure, like lay downs, marinas, pontoons or boats and can even be used with great success on the flats.

The new Daiwa Presso Rolling Cranks cover three water depths and can be selected to make the most of the structure available.  Whether fishing deep or shallow, the 3 options from Daiwa offer are more refined approach to your fishing.


The deep diving Tournament Spike offers a power fishing technique that allows you to get to deeper water than offered by most crank baits.  Being able to cast and retrieve a lure means that more ground can be covered but the Tournament Spike allows you to get to extra depths, covering even more ground.  Like other deep diving lures, the Tournament Spike will come into its own in shallow or deep water, where the longer bib can be dredged through the sand or silt or bounced off the rocky bottom without fear of being snagged up every time.

So why are the Daiwa lures any different to the other more than capable offerings on the market?  Remove the Daiwa quality and you still have well thought out and designed lures, where simple things like the keel under the tow point of the stick bait or a small profile crank bait provide us anglers with a point of difference in the eyes of the fish.


5 responses to “Lure Junkie – AFTA Daiwa 2014

  1. Hey mate,

    What depth does the spike get to? Noticed on the website it said 2m, but I’d think it would be running deeper than that if it wants to be up against the OSP dunk.


  2. Hi Josh,
    We state 2 metres as it all depends on line diameter, cast length etc. It will run deeper with lighter line, longer casts etc. The OSP Dunk is the same, vary the line etc and it will run a different depth. Take into account that both lures are made for bass fishing in Japan where they are using heavy mono filament lines so the lures will run shallower.

  3. I can’t express how disappointing it is to see a company as prestigious and innovating as Daiwa, sink to the level it currently has. To release a range of lures featuring competitor tried and proven colours and to not even bother to change the names of some of those colours is downright pathetic and unprofessional. Daiwa Australia, hang your heads in shame… I hope that this message is left unedited and a loyal reader of this website is given the chance to freely speak his mind.

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