Lucky Dip Review: Daiwa Emeraldas Nude squid jigs

I’m a cheap arse. There, I said it. So for me fishing gear needs to fill two requirements. Obviously it needs to work as intended but it also needs to not have me clutching at my chest like I’m having a heart attack when I lose it. I have said to many people that $30 lures just don’t catch as many fish for me as $12 lures do. It’s not because they don’t work but because I’m not willing to work them. On the other hand, cheap crap mostly doesn’t do the job and so when I find that well priced alternative to an expensive option it fast becomes a favourite. The Atomic Crank 38 is a prime example. Are there “better” lures out there? Maybe. But they catch me tons of Bream because they are reasonable, Bream like them and I am willing to throw them into the kind of crap they need to go into. 6867

Squid jigs themselves have always been the barrier to my doing more squid fishing. The cheap stuff always tended to be “cheap and nasty” and the good stuff left me with another $30+ hole in my pocket when I lost it to a rock, fishing land based. Luckily I got my hands on some Emereldas Nude jigs a while back. It’s always nice to get a couple of things to try out for free. They certainly catch plenty of squid but as with all tackle (especially mine) they ended up lost on some rocky weedy bottom somewhere on the south coast. So I didn’t fish for squid for a while. Then a few months ago they really started to run down here and I figured I would just go and buy some more from a tackle store. I figured they were going to sit around the $20 mark “which is slightly better than the $30-35 mark others can be” but my eyes bugged out a little when I saw they were closer to the $10 mark. Bazinga! My favourite. I lure that works well and doesn’t hurt too bad when I lose it.6837

I’m sure there are squid experts out there that can tell me of excellent products with nuanced squid catching characteristics but the truth is I’m a bit of a squid noob. They are fun to catch and my girlfriend loves when I come home with a feed of squid. To me, the Emereldas Nude fills my two requirements to a tee, cheap and effective.  7715-1

2 responses to “Lucky Dip Review: Daiwa Emeraldas Nude squid jigs

  1. Hi I’m wondering what colours worked best and what were the water conditions, clarity etc and what determined what colour you used. Cheers moose.

  2. I must admit Peter, you’ve got me there. I’ve been doing really well with the Blood Shrimp lately but the best advice I got was to have a whole bunch of different colours and change quite often until you find what they want on the day. Another reason why $10 jigs are better than $30 ones 😉

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