Winter Time Blues


Well you don’t need me to tell you that the snow has arrived along with the westerly winds and the cold mornings.

Depending on how keen you are it makes staying in bed a whole lot easier, with ocean bound trips by boat cancelled and estuary fishing doable but a constant fight normally with wind against tide.

Winter doesn’t mean fish stop, there are still al lot of species to target such as salmon, snapper, tailor, bream, whiting, flathead, jewfish, trout mainly in dams and a few select creeks/rivers and bass in dams only.


The bite is normally slow but the effort of just being out on the water trying is rewarding even if there is no fish to show for it.

This winter so far we have targeted snapper, jewfish and trout but the one I really want to achieve is a black drummer.

DSC_9545 (1)

Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited with some good mates to give it a go and let’s face it, there is nothing better to do is there?

So they hyped me up with the must do’s: Long rod, heavy leader, good knots and locked drag. They didn’t want to hear any line peeling off that reel. We used fresh cungi for bait but I also believe bread and royal red prawns will also work.


I was pumped to say the least. I watched the first couple of hook ups and I tell you my knees were trembling with excitement as I watched the boys hook into a few black drummer. We tried all day with weather conditions less than favourable. On the 2nd last piece of bait I threw into the wash and watched my floating line carefully as it swung back and fourth in the wash.

Hold on, oh gee, before I knew it I was hooked up. Even though I had my drag set tight this fish was still able to pull line off my reel. The boys looked at me, thinking to themselves I am sure we told her locked up drag? I was able to lift this fish onto a low ledge where the boy’s went down to secure it. It was my first ever groper and I can vouch for their fighting ability. They checked my drag also and I was glad to see they couldn’t even pull line off.


Catching a drummer wasn’t meant to be on that day, but I have put it back on my wish list for this winter.

Any tips and hints you would like to share would be handy and I will be sure to share my experiences along the way.

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