3 things I’d rather be doing this winter…

Winter is here in Sydney, and it’s hit hard.  We were spoilt this year with our mild Autumn and even more mild beginning to winter, but now it’s here, I’m wishing it was gone.  So while I’ve been sitting here thinking “what the heck am I going to write in my blog entry this week”? I keep catching myself thinking about the fishing things I’d rather be doing, and watching fishing video’s about places I’d rather be and species I’d rather be catching

I’ve said on many occasions that fly fishing media tends to be on a whole other level compared to anything else out there in fishing land, and I can’t get enough of it and consequently it has a major influence on my fishing desires.

Here are my top 3 “exotic” Bucket list items, at least for this week anyway. Anyone interested in bankrolling me? …hmm didn’t think so.

Sight fishing for Double digit trophy Brown Trout on fly in the spring creeks in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s North Island. I saw this last year during the Rise Fly Fishing Festival, and a trip there was immediately added to my bucket list. The close quarters hunting and sight fishing and the opportunity to catch a legitimate double digit Brown trout is an experience that definitely appeals to me.

Arnhem Land Sight casting for Barra. I did this trip a couple of years ago now, on a Mother ship with Steven Goodhew, spinning for barra on the flats with my “heavy” Bream gear. What a blast, to cast at cruising barra, pretty much all day long, and watching cricket scores of them eat your lure in plain sight. The best part was returning to the mother ship in the middle of the day for lunch and a nap before heading out late afternoon to do it all again.  The only thing that could top that for me now would be to sight cast them on fly.

barra-sight-casting-2 barra-sight-casting-13barra-sight-casting-15

Florida Keys Tarpon. One of the first fly fishing videos I ever saw was a salt water flyfishing story by World Angling about a guy that goes out to try and catch his first Tarpon. It get’s you up at “arse crack early”, and takes you on a journey that ultimately ends in disappointment, yet you can’t help but become immersed in the reputation and the challenges of catching this amazing fish. One line sticks out in this video “I’ve read a lot about Tarpon, seen a lot of videos and nothing prepares you for the size of that fish until you’ve tried it”.  I’ve never caught one, but I’d sure as hell love to try…


So what’s on your bucket list?



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